Nitsuj Module 8 - Practice 1

Let’s see how Nitsuj does with his first Grade 2 practice session.

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From my notes “Justin’s strumming on the beats 2 & 4 All Down 8th note strumming practice sound as mine sometimes does too! It’s not just me! Let’s keep going :)”

Trying to be easy on myself with the practices and it doesn’t have to be perfect! We’re supposed to have fun, isn’t it?!


This made me feel better about my first go at module 8. The first step in grade 2 seems like a big step from module 7! I think I’ll need to take my time here.


I’ve been working on Brown Eyed Girl for a while…it’s comforting to see that the challenges I’m having are the same as those Nitsuj had. I should say: the problems I’m STILL having. :wink:

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Dead right mate, totally agree.
First time I’ve seen Nitsuj and it is so refreshing to see such a fantastic guitarist such as Justin struggle (sorry Just :slight_smile: ), it just makes learning seem so real and I really appreciate the dedication and practice that it takes to become accomplished at the guitar. Rock on Juss !!