Nitsuj Module 9 - Practice 3 (NEW GUITAR!)

Nitsuj is unboxing his new guitar! Any guesses what it could be?

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That’s a great looking guitar. You said that the three position selector switch means the humbuckers don’t tap, but doesn’t it have a push/pull tone knob for this?

Hi @mrdavid and welcome to the community.
I believe you’re correct to question the implication that there is necessarily a direct connection between the pickup selector and the presence of a humbucker split. But the guitar doesn’t have a split so far as I recall.
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The tuner being mentioned makes me wonder which tuner is being used…

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There are many types of clip on and electronic tuner. If you want advice you could ask here.

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I wonder if there is a video that could help me pick out an electric guitar. How to determine if it is a good fit. I also want welcome ideas on a way to determine level of competence to really tell if it feels good when playing it.

I am currently practicing on my acoustic, getting my fingers back in shape and trying to build some fundamentals before heading into my local guitar shop. My eventual goal is playing solo with lead blues, learning a few solo songs, and playing with my daughter. I want to develop a habit of practicing and a level of competence before going into the shop and trying them out.

Advice on which lessons I should check out?

Hi David,

Have you seen this video:

You should drink before all your lessons. :grin: