'N'NGD - Lowden S35 12 Fret Cedar / Walnut

Hi John,
Good luck and have fun while waiting a little longer,
Greetings ,Rogier

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No Lowden typically fit the LR Baggs Anthem, but this is 3 times the price of the Mini (the anthem needs to be the dearer double sensor) and the guys at TFOA said they have fitted plenty of the Mini and is very successful. It’s a passive pick-up so no battery, etc. hence lighter and a simple installation.

I put the Mini in my Yamaha. You won’t be disappointed :grinning:

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For some reason this spinal tap scene pops into my head when I look at that guitar.
Can a guitar be too pretty? :smile:

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Will be nice to eventually see the S35 in the flesh. I got excited yesterday as a big box arrived from TFOA, but it turned out was the Voyager guitar case - great case but a bummer as I thought it was the Lowden :slightly_frowning_face:

S35 package has been stuck in Singapore the last 3 days so here’s hoping I get it next week :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Very nice guitars :slight_smile: One question: is there a practical reason to have the saddle in 2 pieces instead of one? Does it improve tuning stability or intonation?

I’m not very good at wording it technically therefore see below for explanation. Also as far as I know the saddle is split between the wound and unwound strings.

The split saddle allows virtually perfect intonation for the two groups of strings and without the need for a ‘backward’ slant on any string that would be needed with a one piece saddle (that may or may not get to full intonation compensation, but will be very thin on the saddle top even if it does, meaning a stress/wear point).

The reason the B string gets offset on most modern acoustic guitars is because it’s the string that has the most intonation problems, and offsetting it minimises (but doesn’t entirely eliminate) them.