'N'NGD - Lowden S35 12 Fret Cedar / Walnut

'N’NGD - ‘Nearly’ New Guitar Day :grinning:

I haven’t got my new guitar just yet, but getting soon this Lowden S35 12 Fret Cedar / Walnut. It’s 2021 so pretty much new, and as I currently have a Taylor 914ce LTD Sinker / EIR it will be a change from that.

I’m hoping that the Cedar / Walnut will give a nice sound, and understand most Lowdens are renowned for their finger style / piano like sound.

I’m pretty much a beginner in the guitar world, extremely basic playing experience and I mean really basic, but for some reason I feel the Lowden will give me a good option as it’s a smaller guitar with different tone woods.

Hope I’m doing the right thing getting the Lowden (as the saying goes it’s only money and you can’t take it with you when times up).

Any comments much appreciated, even if they’re not of the positive kind as every bit of knowledge I receive is a positive on the start of my guitar journey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

lowden-lowden-s35-12-fret-walnut-cedar-2021 (9)

lowden-lowden-s35-12-fret-walnut-cedar-2021 (8)

lowden-lowden-s35-12-fret-walnut-cedar-2021 (11)

lowden-lowden-s35-12-fret-walnut-cedar-2021 (2)


No advice but that looks gorgeous

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Going all in on guitars! That looks gorgeous and I love the Cedar/Walnut!
It will probably play, sound and look great I real life, so enjoy it!

I am holding off on this level of guitar until I have a bit more time and experience under my belt.

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Wow, that’s one fine looking geetar

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Boy oh boy what a gorgeous instrument!
Lowden are possibly the pinnacle of guitar builders for acoustic guitars! You definitely will not find a finer guitar in that price range.
I have only handled one of their lower priced guitars (a Sheeran model) but the quality is obvious; I am insanely jealous of your aquisition :joy:
Enjoy that one, you will be blown away by it!

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Good to see another Tim on here :sunglasses:

The guitar looks great to me.

Have you tried one out?

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Holy moly - that is one heck of an instrument. I wish you many years of happy music with it.

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Looks beautiful, John. Look forward to hearing all about your experience from both a tone and playability perspective once you have the guitar in hand

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Thanks Rob :crossed_fingers:


The only guitars I’ve tried is an old Taylor 410ce and a 2020 914ce that I have.

I’m probably going mad here, but once you reach a certain age (catching up on the big 6 O) then getting something real nice that will keep you happy for years to come is certainly something I will appreciate.


I never even tried a Lowden of any kind, but everything I read about it sounds like a good difference from my Taylor 914ce Sinker / EIR so will give me a nice change firstly for different tone woods, and secondly with a smaller guitar in a S35.

Thanks Richard :crossed_fingers:


I’m not getting the guitar until late May, but once I give it a try I’ll put on a new post.


Nope never tried a Lowden, but virtually everybody who tries them only has good things to say. As I’ve already got a Taylor 914ce Sinker / EIR I thought getting the S35 Cedar / Walnut would give me two different guitars with their own unique sound.

Regarding the 'tic, fantastic seasoning we’re having. I’ve been in Oz 35 years so already knew about Ange and knew he would do well, but never expected it this good.

Win both games the next 2 Sunday’s, sit back and relax before gubbing Sevco at Celtic Park to essentially have the League in the bag.

Hail Hail


I had a look online at the Taylor 914Ce, that looks a fantastic guitar too. You are well tooled up and look forward to seeing you post some AVOYPs of you playing them.

You only live once, so why not treat yourself to a high end guitar or two or three or… I was always going to upgrade to high end guitar(s) once I’d proven to myself that this time the journey was for good and thanks to finding Justin’s lessons and this wonderful community that much I am certain now. Though I will probably wait until I reach the intermediary lessons. And having seen those guitars you have now I will probably have to spend the weekend at a guitar store trying out all their guitars to make a decision.

Yes, its been a remarkable season and great to see someone written off from the start proven all the doubters wrong. It’s a shame you won’t get to see them playing the gers over in Oz. That would have been great for all the supporter over there.

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A couple of photos of my 914


Sweet guitars. I need to try a few Taylors. When I was so new I didn’t really know how to try out a guitar in a shop, I strummed a few Taylors and Martins and didn’t bond with them. I am sure they are great guitars, so worth another shot, just for kicks.

I agree with us older players considering finer beginner instruments if we have the means. The best guitar is the one you love.

I am quite satisfied with my entry level Larrivee right now, although GAS burns in my soul.

I will probably, like you, get something (or three) fine when I start pushing 60. Only a few years away now. Meanwhile, I will live vicariously through you!

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Beautiful guitars. You’re a lucky guy. Too bad about your taste in football teams!

Must cost you a fortune to travel to games! :joy:

As far as I know, Cedar is really good acoustically, so I’m inclined to think that it would be awesome for a guitar top.

I know for a fact that one particular instrument (traditional in Greece) is made only with a Cedar top.
Well, you can find some that aren’t made with Cedar top but it shows on the price and also on the sound as well.

I think the guitar will make you happy!

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Looks like a finely crafted guitar. I find it useful to have acoustic guitars of different body size, I have 3 acoustics that I use regularly depending on the song, so it is a justifiable purchase.

If you find yourself without any clear purpose for excess money, I recommend finding a reputable nonprofit. We treat ourselves and enjoy recreation but there is a lot of need in the world. Not wanting to rant. That quote just triggered a thought in me. Rock on.

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Thanks for your reply. I went for the S35 as it was a different make of guitar, and most say Lowden’s have their own sound. Also going with Cedar & Walnut with 12th fret will be different than my Taylor with Sinker Redwood & EIR with 14th fret.

The comment about money was only a joke. I’m not rich, but feel I’ve earned the right to spend some of the money I earned through the years with hard graft. Our money is for our retirement and eventually for the kids.

I grew up in a council home and never stayed in a ‘bought’ home until I moved to Australia (never knew anyone in Scotland who wasn’t in a council home). Not saying this makes much of a difference, but just that I do know the value of money and don’t spend it frivolously.

Getting off track here, again thanks for your comment, and hoping to get the S35 in mid-May; I can’t wait :grinning:


Aww man, you don’t need to justify it. But thanks for the response and continuing the conversation. It’s a beautiful guitar and I share in celebrating it with you!

We really come to this site as a bit of escape from the world. But it weighs on me - everything that is going on. I’ve been meaning to post some protest/socially aware cover in AVOYP. I guess that would have been a better platform for my rant than your NGD :joy:

We can spend our money any way we want. If my Pastor rolls up in a Ferrari, I’m not judging him - he makes a salary, maybe he wrote a book, doesn’t matter - it’s his money. If someone posts their Gibson es 335 here, that’s awesome, I want one too.

I’m still debating if I shouldn’t have just let it go, not commented. Oh well, it’s the internet we don’t have great judgment at 3am :rofl:

“mid-May” that’s a long time to wait. I guess you can get some finger style pieces together before then. Please show us the actual guitar when it comes in!

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Everything’s good mate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:

So my Lowden parcel is finally on it’s way from TFOA, and should get here in 10 days time (hope so, as I fly out to Scotland in 2 weeks to go see my Mum).

I went all through the TFOA site to see if there was anything else I needed. Firstly I had the following fitted to the S35:

  • K&K Pure Mini (with Gold Button)
  • Neck Strap Button (Gold)
  • Lowden Strings 12-53
  • Also check set-up, and if required lower the action

Then I added the below to the package:

  • Reunion Blues Continental Voyager Case (Small Body Acoustic)
  • Peterson StroboPlus HDC
  • Lowden Strings 12-53 (2 sets)
  • Lowden Honey Suede Strap
  • Lowden Revive Finish Restore
  • Lowden Lemon Oil
  • Lowden Microfibre Polishing Cloth

TFOA were absolutely fantastic to work with, and they still managed to give me some small discounts on the miscellaneous stuff I bought.

Can’t wait for the S35 to arrive and see what the ‘Lowden’ sound is that everyone talks about :guitar: :loud_sound: :heart_eyes:

Is K&K Pure Mini the pick up system Lowden recommends?