No BPM in Beginner’s Songbook

I just received Justinguitar Beginner’s Songbook Vol. 1 and there is no indication of how many beats per minute each song should be. It is the 2nd edition of the spiral bound version. Is there an addendum available anywhere that I could reference to?

I googled each song for the tempo and every one has comeback. I just write it in pencil on each page along with my playing notes.

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If I need a BPM I often use a metronome (Justin has a great app!) and use tap tempo from the original song.

Ohhh… I’d not realised that tap tempo exists. That’s super handy to know - thank you.

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@mathsjunky After looking up Tap Tempo I’m realising I’d misunderstood it what it might offer. Instead of tapping a tempo and that then set for the rhythm for a click track or beat, is there a way of being able to play a piece of music to be told what the tempo/bpm?

If you have a digital copy of the original or record yourself this

Been using it for years. Not always 100% accurate but always close enough for a starting point. :sunglasses:

Thank you. Don’t think I was using the right search terms before. This is really helpful.

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This is the easiest for me. I live in a rural area that doesn’t have any internet service, all I have is my phone.
Thanks for everyone’s suggestions

Same website says “75 or doubletime at 149” AND “149 or halftime at 75.” Is that some kind of music code that means the same thing? It sounds mutually exclusive at my beginner level of knowledge. Which is correct, 75 or 149 to approximate the song?

Maybe my best option is to just listen to the song and adjust my metronome until I match the song?

There is an inherent ambiguity in the bpm of any given song. You can see this by putting on any song and tapping along to it. If you measured how many taps you make in 1 minute, that’s the bpm, right? Now listen to the song again and tap twice as fast. You are still perfectly in time and if you measured the bpm it would be twice as high as you measured before.

Kind of. Find an online bpm calculator: this allows you to tap while listening to a song and will calculate the bpm for you. Then you can set your metronome to that bpm for practice.