No Electricity, No Amp!

Only reason I suggested a elec. hollowbody was because ya can play them acoustically and hear them since they are hollow. Granted, they’re not as satisfying as a real acoustic guitar.
Agreed, you need a real acoustic. I got one for the same reason your looking. I wanted to play w/o power, preferably not forced w/o power though.

Great to hear.
Great name, Ziggy. I had a Ziggy too who has long since passed away. He was my blind cat and very, very special to me. I miss him. He made 19. My longest living cat fwiw.

Agreed. Hear in NE. I saw 83F on my thermometer yesterday. This morning it was 8F.
Just crazy weather for sure.

For sure. You most certainly do need a new amp too.
I had a 12w peavey audition 20. Still have it I guess but I gave it to my boy who don’t play. I thought it was better than nothing for him (me too for that matter), but not much better. I really didn’t like the tones of my 12w Peavey, hope yours sounds better than mine does.

Sounds like you have plenty good reasons to be going to the music store to me.
Go for it! And have a GAS! :slight_smile:

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The only excuse I need to buy a new guitar is “I want that one”


Less than $1000 USD which hopefully would include a nicer amp I could use for both my electric guitars and an electro-acoustic. These are the guitars currently in my wish list to try out from low to high in price. The Breedlove lists for 999 but currently they have it on sale for $749. Of course, by the time I get there, who knows what anything will cost and I might go with something else entirely.

I do love looking at the pictures!

Yamaha APX600 Thin-line Cutaway - Oriental Blue Burst

Yamaha FSX800C Concert Cutaway - Ruby Red

Ibanez AEWC400 Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Indigo Blue Burst High Gloss

Alvarez MF60CEOM Masterworks 60 Folk/OM Acoustic-electric Guitar - Natural

Breedlove Organic Wildwood Pro Concerto CE Acoustic-electric Guitar - Suede

That breedlove looks great but…

You have to go play and hear them all.

Mahogany vs spruce vs rosewood etc will all have different sounds and ranges of frequency, and they’ll all have different feels.

I totally dismiss the tonewood thing with electric guitars but its absolutely important for acoustics

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Yup. I’ve tried out a couple Breedloves at the my closet guitar Center last summer as well as a couple other acoustics that they have there. That’s the day I came home with my pre-loved PRS Soap Box II instead. :smile: The local store only carries new Fenders and a few odd used cheap acoustics. I’m hoping I can fall in love with something I try at Sweetwater and that I can afford it!

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That blue Ibanez is a “looker”!!! My 2nd guitar was a blue Ibanez that sounds so sweet & better after all the years I have played it!
If you’re partial to PRS, my coworker swears that his SE series acoustic is the best player he’s ever owned. They have quite a few in your range!
Good luck!!!


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People do like their prs acoustics from what I have seen they sound great, never played one


How about a headphone amp (something like the Nux MP-3)?



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In case you missed it up above I do have a micro Amp, it’s by Lekato.

It works pretty well, but I can’t wear my cool hat while using headphones. :rofl:



Have you heard about the Thundershirt? A lot of people swear by them when it comes to helping with anxious pets.

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Well purely based on colour I’d want one of the 2 blue guitars. That said I seem to be a sucker for the word Taylor on my headstocks so I don’t know much about any of those guitars :joy:

I do agree with the advice about trying them. It’s partly about how they sound but also how they play. Try a barre chord or 2, are you fighting the guitar to get the notes ringing out?

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I fully intend to utilize the F chord vigorously. Up the neck, too, since i know it’s moveable, even if i can’t get it right past G! I’m so looking forward to this.

@Richard_N I’ve heard of them also not being effective, hard to say. I certainly didn’t expect a massive thunderstorm in February! I wrapped my arms around her and it helped. I’ll look into it, thanks.

@LunaRocket, as for the thunderstorm jacket: it works for some dogs, but not for all. For those for which it works, a blanket, … with some weight often has the same effect. It’s like babies getting calm when packed in tight: the pressure on the body has a calming effect - but for some dogs, it’s not enough to calm them down.

(says the vet😉)