No Electricity, No Amp!

Well, this is annoying. Huge thunderstorm at 3 am, for which i had to console my 90 pound chocolate lab who was freaking out. I must admit it was a most impressive light and sound show!

But at 8 am something woke me back up and we are out of power. Not from the storm, but maybe the wind? Won’t know till crews assess the situation.

But i can’t crank up my guitar! Now i have a new reason to buy that acoustic guitar at the end of March. Assuming Sweetwater has one i like?:grin:


Plenty to be said for acoustic imho. They work near anywhere, anytime.
Perhaps a hollow body electric? :wink: (just food for thought)

Not to mention, they really are different flavors… :slight_smile: I like both and go back and forth often.

Hope ya get you power back asap.

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Oh no, your poor dog… :dog: I’m sure he or she deserves a super long walk and some special treats today :bone:

Hmm… a reason a good as any to get a nice acoustic guitar… But why wait until the end of March? :innocent:

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Crazy weather last night for this time of year.
Several hours in Sweetwater’s acoustic room over a couple trips taught me a lot about what I like/don’t like in acoustic guitars. You may also want to stop in at elderly in Lansing, who also have a really good range of acoustics.

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Never fun to be without power, hope it’s not for long.

Get a nice acoustic guitar and your electric(s) might develop cobwebs like mine have done!

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You need an acoustic guitar right away! This is an emergency!

I got mine after doing some research online and I didn’t even go to the store to play it. I wouldn’t recommend doing the same but I’m very happy with it.


Poor pooch but thank goodness you were there to help ease the suffering.

But…the excuses some people will use just to buy a new guitar. :wink:

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Just getting in early here - Happy New Guitar Day :rofl: :joy:

Poor dog - I hope he/she is ok now :two_hearts:

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Hi Rebecca, sorry for your labbie’s anxiety states. 90 pound pure panic :laughing:, the poor dog! We have a black labbie girl and she’s also so afraid of thunderstorms. Give him a big hug :heart:.
I can only recommend: BUY THAT ACOUSTIC GUITAR. NOW :joy:! With or without power issues, you won’t regret! Happy NGD in advance! :guitar: :partying_face:


Wow, sounds a hell of a storm Rebecca, hope everything is ok and your lab has settled again!

End of March??!! No time like the present :wink:

[cough] You mean perfectly valid and justifiable reasons there Stefan, right? :rofl: :wink:


True that Mark. I’m only jealous because I cannot think of an excuse to enable me to buy another one. :smiley:


Well it was quite breezy down in the south east of the UK yesterday, how about you?


:rofl: :rofl: A bit blowy but if the ladders don’t get blown off the shed roof into next doors garden, then I think it would just been seen as a gentle breeze up north. :smiley:


Way back I had a personal amp called a Rockman. Anyone remember those? Could run off batteries.


:roll_eyes: no one asks for a smart dude now…the lady wants a good reason for an acoustic… :laughing:

O …and for the dog


I reckon you just threw the breaker and after a few minutes said to DH “if only I had an acoustic, I’d still be able to practice today” :wink:


Because the hubby and I will be driving to Texas to visit his brother and Sweetwater is on the way. I have looked at acoustics within Michigan last summer but back then i could’nt do much other than play some chords. Now i can play a couple songs to test guitars. It ought to be a much more satisfying experience. I do have a few inmind, a couple Yamaha, a Breedlove, an Ibanez and another whose name escapes me. I’m on my phone right now so i can’t copy and paste easily from my wishlist.

If there is time, i want to look at a couple amps, too.

@HappyCat I have 2 electrics so a hollow body will have to wait. Though my Squire Bullet is merely adequate…

Kaylee was fine after 20 minutes. By that time the worst was over. But some of those booms were house shaking. She and Ziggy are fine now and had a nice long walk in this fierce wind and plummeting temperatures. Yesterday it ht 70 F, 21 C. Now it’s 20F, -6.67 C. The lower numbers are the usual for February. The weather has been nuts!


YAY!! Power is restored. Power company website doesn’t say why it happened but I suspect a tree fell on a line somewhere. Only out 4 hours and 58 minutes. Not too bad, and the hubby is happy he didn’t have to drag the generator out and start things up.

Finally, I can have my tea, too!

BTW I discovered the micro amp I had bought for guitar when I travel and hadn’t used since last November still had batter power, so I got 18 minutes of playing in, too. Incidentally, for the heck of it I tried the little button to change effect from Clean to Chorus, Wah-Wah, etc. Now I want a fancier amp than my little 15 Watt Peavey that doesn’t have any. Oh boy, can you say GAS? :rofl:


You are right! I was not paying enough attention!

How about … but they don’t make those anymore, and an acoustic guitar only makes sense!


Hi Rebecca,
Good to hear that all is good with you & your household!
How exciting for you to be visiting Sweetwater! Definitely on my wish list for if we’re ever in that part of the country!!!
I noticed that you mentioned Yamaha, Ibanez & Breedlove guitars… I never want to say anything bad about a specific brand but will say that I have really lusted for a Breedlove for years… I have played dozens of various types any time I see one in a guitar store but have never been happy with the feel or sound. My first guitar was a Yamaha… I have it in my office at work & play it almost every day. I’ve owned 2 Ibanez acoustics… still have one & the other one my daughter “Borrowed” just before moving to Arizona!!! She plays that one all the time even though she has a couple of other instruments.
About what is your budget? Give us a range & I’m sure you’re going to get a bunch of different ideas from us guitar~crazy musicians here!!!
Just my 2 cents…


PS My favorite guitar for “tone” is a Seagull Artist model with mahogany sides & a cedar top… sounds superb, looks beautiful & the cedar smells so good every time I open the case!!! Good luck finding that “Power’s Out” solution!!! :smiling_face:

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