No More Peter Gunn in G1M2 in the app?

I noticed that the content of Grade 1 Module 2 (E chord) was updated in the app. I finished the lessons so was a bit surprised that it showed I finished only 2 lessons after the update. Also, it looks like Peter Gunn theme is not mentioned anymore and instead there is a video about major and minor chords.
I’m a bit confused what’s the recommended course of action after such updates. Continue with what I started? Restart the module in case there’s new info?

You noticed it was missing, so you know you can go look outside the app. I bet they lost license to play it in the app. It would be a shame for this to be lost on an app user that didn’t notice. Can we confirm it is missing from the app now?

I think playing that is worth the effort to go to the web and do it there. It is a good riff for timing coordination and string 6 dexterity.

@Richard_close2u, do we have a good way to make sure new students can understand they are missing a lesson that gets pulled from the app?

That makes sense.
Yeah, it would be great to have just a short message about what to expect and what to do instead. For example, I know there might be slightly different content on the website and I use it together with the app, but I was wondering if they pulled it because they decided it should be done at some other stage of the learning, not in the very beginning, or due to some licensing issue as you mentioned.

Igor, I checked. App, Grade 1, module 2 includes a video on the Peter Gunn theme. I don’t see a video about major and minor chords in my app for Grade 1, module 2. I’m on Android, version 3.10.0

Or are you talking about the practice sessions? The Peter Gunn riff is indeed missing from the practicing exercises in the app. I have vague memories that the riff had been included earlier, but I seem to recall that the according exercise has always been somewhat bland with a timer provided only, counting down 60 seconds.

Yeah it’s no longer part of the iPad app module 2. It was there about a year ago when I went through that stage but I’d say the whole module has been reworked rather than just cutting that one lesson as it’s different to what I remember.
Honestly I’d say it’s no great loss and if for some reason you’re desperate to learn it then it’s still on YouTube.

It has indeed disappeared from the iPhone app. Strangely, the lesson on majors and minors which has been added seems to be a copy of a video in module 3 where minor chords are introduced. It seems a bit out of place to have a lesson on minors in module 2 when they are actually only introduced in module 3. Could be a licensing thing, but could also be an error? Maybe @MusopiaApps can shed some light on this?

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… must be an error then, especially given that the riff is still included in the current Android version :slightly_smiling_face:

Strange however, and probably something we need to keep in mind when trying to answer app-related questions. For whatever reasons the Android and iPhone versions of the app seem to be different contentwise at the moment … :roll_eyes:

@JokuMuu @LadyOfTheCastle @mattswain @igorishchenko @sequences

Hi Everyone,

We have been instructed to remove this exercise from the app due to licensing and we are currently revamping the early riff exercises and module to replace this riff with something similar in difficulty.

The reason why some people are still seeing The Peter Gunn exercise is that we are currently testing the newer version of the module to see how we can improve it and if users are enjoying the updated version in comparison to the older version. However, The Peter Gunn exercise will eventually be completely phased out of the app due to the licensing.

We’re very sorry about this and we’ll be adding more riff content to these modules very soon! :slight_smile: