No reply after submission a question via the contact form


I asked a question related to donations via the contact form on the website. That was about 2 weeks ago. Maybe more. But I haven’t got a reply yet. Not sure if there is a problem with to contact form or some failure on my side.

Is there an email address to ask questions related to subcriptions/donations?

FYI @FannyJustinGuitar


Hello Nadim.
I’m sorry you have not yet had a response,I’m unsure how / why a message via contact would not receive a response.
Tagging Fanny and posting here should see a resolution.
I will also send a message alerting the team to your post.

Thanks, @Richard_close2u .

That’s not a problem. Nothing urgent. Just wasn’t sure if the contact form was working. Looking forward to hearing from the team.


Hi Nadim,

Thanks for letting us know! It looks like you might not have received our email response that was sent on the 21st. Our customer support representative, Danica, will contact you again to follow up. :slight_smile:


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@nadim86 Can you please confirm when / if you receive the new email?

Many thanks.

Got this one! Thanks @Richard_close2u and @FannyJustinGuitar.

The email sent on June 21st ended up in the junk folder for some reason. Even though I get all emails from Danica’s email today arrived to my inbox as well. Maybe the email sent on June 21st was sent from a different/new IP address that my email provider didn’t like.



Thank you - glad it has worked out.