No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley Lesson

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This has different chords to JG’s Easy Guitar Songbook?

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Next obvious question is why?

Hi Stewart,
I think that’s because it’s an easy song to play along with, but in the very beginning the F chord isn’t doable for most people, and he probably leaves it out (substitution) in the easy version… right?
I don’t have the book so sorry if it’s wrong :blush:

Great lesson Justin, even better than normal IMO.

One of the biggest things I’m taking from your lessons of late, is not to be too hung up on trying to sound just like the original, as was said again in this video.

I didn’t know I had it in me, but now I would say I, “feel”, the music, and that feel is now transferring to the music I am attempting to play and how I play it.

Another “budding guitarist” friend at work, (that’s still how I describe myself), and I, may be listening to some music, and we will say, “what’s the strumming pattern to this song”, and we will think then tap it out. Great listening practice.