Nobody Home (Pink Floyd Cover)

Cover of Pink Floyd’s Nobody Home. Recorded in September of 2020.

Nobody Home (SoundCloud)
Nobody Home (Dropbox/WAV)

Acoustic guitar and vocal.


Loved the cover. Really well done. For first few secs into the songs I actually thought that was Mr. Gilmour singing (not kidding).

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Thank you! Being mistaken for Mr. Gilmour definitely isn’t a bad thing. Let’s hope I can get my soloing up to a level where such mistaken identity might occur… :grinning:

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Hi Jason,
Thanks to your link in Trond’s thread, this one comes up again :grin:
And rightly so…beautiful :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Thanks, Roger.

Great playing and vocals there Jason. I really enjoyed it.

That was really nicely done.

The simplicity of acoustic guitar and voice really bring out a more personal dimension to this song.

As a huge Pink Floyd fan that has listened to this album since it was released, I would say that after hearing your version, the orchestral accompaniment in the original now sounds over done.

Great performance and great recording on that helped me hear this song in a new way. Thanks for sharing.

@SgtColon @Rider2040
Thank you!