Nobody knows you when you’re down and out

I got to admit that I never thought I’d upload of video of me playing, but here goes.

I started playing around 6 years ago. I missed a year of playing, year 3, due to an elbow injury and surgery.

I play for my own enjoyment and upon occasion with two friends. I guess I have progressed some, but I always knew feedback is necessary and that this is a good site for that. For some reason, today I decided to upload.

All feedback welcomed



That was superb Mitch. Your playing is really smooth and relaxed and your voice really suited that song. I enjoyed that a lot!

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You throw in some interesting passing notes I don’t play myself while I do others so it’s very cool to hear what you made of his.

Thanks for sharing.
Excellent flow, clear notes and chords and personal decorations I’m very fond of.
You clearly are skilled to decorate this version even more and make this a full song.
A bit more attention to the vocals and vocal technique and you’re jamming open mic nights just as well.

What kind of guitar is that…it sounds warm and balanced.

Thanks Both for your kind words.

The arrange meant and walk ups I think I learned from a Marty Schwartz video. For me it was an aspirational song, that I came back to and I can finally keep up.

Could you expand upon “a bit more attention to the vocals and vocal techniques.”
(All I know is what I learned in “How not to suck at singing” video. So I’ve got a long way to go… :wink:

The guitar is a Martin D-28 clone I built before I even started learning to play it. I got the plans and most of the parts from StewMac. These days, there’s also plenty of good quality resources on the net for builders.

Like a D-28 it has rosewood back and sides and a spruce top. Wood type and body size define a lot of the tone.

A tasty bit of playing there Mitch and congratulations on your first AVOYP posting.

I really enjoyed the song, even if it was a little short. :stuck_out_tongue:

:clap: :clap: :clap:
Bravo, Mitch, it is a big step to record and share and your first recording is quite an entrance.

Guitar sounded wonderful and loved all the embellishments and different chord voicings. I enjoyed your singing and maybe in time you can do the full song.

Look forward to more.

Sounded great. You’re clearly an accomplished player!

Great stuff Mitch. A super debut AVoYP. The picked run embellishments really made this performance stand out. You’re vocal was good too and I look forward to you perhaps doing the whole song at some point.
Well done.

Fabulous Mitch, playing and singing. This is a terrific tune which you’ve got spot on. You’ve just helped me there actually as I’ve been needing a second blues song for my grade 2 consolidation, no longer am I looking!

Please share more with us when you’re happy to, I’d love to listen!

Hello Mitch, wow, what a cool sounding song :smiley:. And you played it with so much confidence. It was a real joy listening to it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:.

Excellent playing Mitch, I have been working on this song lately and it is challenging.

Hi Mitch,
Congratulations on your first video :bouquet: :partying_face:…and it’s a nice one :clap: :sunglasses:

I Thoroughly enjoyed that. Your playing is inspirational for a beginner like me. I was impressed at how effortless it seemed.
Fun song. Great job.

Excellent sounding piece Mitch! I also consider it an Aspirational song and have ever since I heard that bearded Belgian guy with 2 first names play it on Utube :face_with_peeking_eye:… your version is lovely! I thought your timing and chord changes were spot on - vocals a bit difficult to hear clearly… I also 2nd others who would like to hear more of the song!
Also, kudos to you for building your own instrument… that is SO one of my dreams for after retirement!

Great job overall!