Noel Gallagher - Dead In The Water (Cover)

Work sent me to France last minute last week so I haven’t had any time to practice new songs. However, I did record this song during my practice session last weekend so I thought I’d keep my one cover a week output going by cheating it a bit :joy:

Let me know what you think if you get chance to listen. It’s surprising what you can do with four chords…



Indeed, amazing what you can do with 4 open chords and great strumming. The strumming is where you really nailed that.

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@Dave911 thanks for listening, much appreciated. Yeah I think there has to be a few changes in the strumming pattern or it would just plod too much. Glad you liked it :+1:t2:

Good job, I know exactly what you mean about changing the strumming pattern, there’s loads of songs like that.
Keep them coming :+1::+1::+1:

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@DarrellW thanks for listening, Darrell! There’s a lot of songs but Noel’s whole catalogue is pretty simple :joy: I love his music though, doesn’t always have to be incredibly technical to sound cool and have reach.

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Beautifully played and sung, Iain. Good strumming, good change of energy and dynamics in certain sections. Well done.

@DavidP - Iain’s video is a good example of using those “pivot tones” in the chord harmony, as we discussed in the other thread. This song’s progression maintains the high D and G notes throughout almost all of the song.


@J.W.C thanks for listening and your comments are too kind!
Folk can tell that you’re far more technical and knowledgeable than me… I don’t know what pivot tones are :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
They sound like a good thing when done correctly so I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Don’t feel bad for never hearing the term, I made it up. :laughing: Perhaps you’ve heard of “pedal tones” where there’s a constant bass note and the chords/harmony change above that. I used the “pivot tone” phrase to describe something similar, where your chords/harmony maintain a consistent upper register tone or tones throughout the harmonic movement. When you play such a progression on guitar you can leave your top string finger(s) down, and kind of “pivot” the harmony around those tones.

Just a fancy way of saying the chords in the progression share the same top note or notes (most of the time).


One of my favorites (if not my favorite) Noel solo song, amazing this was a bonus track :thinking:

Keep it up, your covers are great to listen to.

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Another great cover Iain and I enjoyed reading @J.W.C analysis too. Very interesting. So an enjoyable listen and read. Well done.

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@J.W.C truly fascinating stuff, Jason. It sounds like a lot of Oasis songs would use “pivot tones” then like Talk Tonight, Wonderwall, Where Did It All ago Wrong, etc.

@KevinKevan thanks for listening mate. It’s my favourite of his solo songs for sure. It is ridiculous to think he just recorded it during a sound check in Ireland… some people are born to do it!

@sairfingers i totally agree, thoroughly interesting analysis… made me think about harmonies a lot more than I ever have previously.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Great vocals and I like the dynamics of your strumming. Thanks!

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@TheCluelessLuthier thanks for listening! I’m glad you enjoyed it :smiley:

Iain, are you sure you’re not a Gallagher? I’m a big Oasis fan and watched them live many times including in NYC and your performances take me back to that special place. Keep it up mate, let me know when you start taking requests :grinning:

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Yeah, I think it’s a pretty common thing. I tend to think of it more from the compositional side of things. So if you have a progression that moves C → D → Em → G you could change it or vary it with Cadd9 → Dsus2 → Em7 → G6, carrying those high D and E notes throughout the changes.

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Wonderful stuff Iain.

Great singing, great playing, it’s what it’s all about. You do some brilliant covers.

Tell work you have more important things to be doing. :smiley:

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Wauw Iain,…

What a beautiful voice and beautifully played.
Greetings ,rogier

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Nicely played and done!

Keep rock’n,

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Loving it Iain
I love everything that Noel does and I’m sure he’d of been proud of this acoustic version himself! You nailed the rythm perfectly and sweet vocals.
Really professional
Well done :+1:

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Thanks for keeping this cover alive guys, I thought it was dead in the water :crazy_face:

@Socio If I am a gallagher then why is my bank balance so low? :thinking: I do take requests, I’m in the process of learning a tune that was suggested here!

@J.W.C got ya! Well then that would be a hell of a lot of songs that use this very technique. Great stuff.

@SgtColon thanks for listening mate, glad you enjoyed it! I told work that a while ago but they didn’t appreciate it :joy:

@roger_holland thanks for listening! Glad you enjoyed it.

@LBro thanks for listening! I’ll certainly keep on rocking.

@Strummer_of_69 thanks Jason, much appreciated. Be Here Now was the first album I ever bought with my own money, I’ve been a massive fan ever since!