Noel Gallagher - If I Had A Gun… (Cover)

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a bit quiet in the community because I’ve been recovering from covid :flushed:

I’ve recorded a a cover of this love song to combat the boredom of isolation.

I don’t know if covers that Justin hasn’t recorded lessons for are accepted in the new community or not. Let me know if not and I’ll remove it from here but keep it on YT.

The vocal’s a bit off in places but it’s the best I could do right now.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts if you get chance to listen.



Great job as usual Iain, even COVID can’t keep your vocals down. Hope you make a swift and full recovery! Best wishes.

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Very nice, I enjoyed it :blush: Wishing you a speedy recovery, and staying well in the future.

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Well played Iain. I enjoyed your cover.

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There’s never been any restrictions on covers, regardless of whether Justin has a lesson on a song or not. As long at the content adheres to the Community guidelines you are good to go. I would suspect Denis Leary covers would be frowned on but @brianlarsen seems to get away with all sorts.

Thought this was another cracker. Well sung and well played as always, hope you are recovered or at least on the mend.



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L’il snitch, Toby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
As the Bananagrams sang: It ain’t what you say it’s the way that you say it :musical_score: :musical_note:
This just made me realise, I’m not sure I’ve ever played a song that Justin has taught :roll_eyes:

Now if I had a gun… (See how I smoothly got back on track to our lad’s thread? :wink:)
An introductory cough and little sniffle does not an illness demonstrate Iain, esp. when you go on to sing a whole song in tune with tight trouser notes an’ all.
I can’t say I’m a great fan of the Gallagher. His best work in my view was when he was roadie for the amazing Inspiral Carpets.
Having heard your rendition, I may just have to re-evaluate.
(… wait, was that another little sniffle at the end? :rofl:)


Nice work Iain.

I wish you a full return to health and wellness.

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Really enjoyed listening to this and I hope you are fully recovered soon.

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Thanks for sharing the cover, Iain, and wish you a full recovery.

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Well on this rainy Saturday morning in the UK that was a nice song to start the day.

Very confidently performed Iain. Thought your recording of this was very well balanced and no obvious issues in terms of your playing. Very confident and pleasing vocal on this as well. Well within your range.

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Good Morning everyone! Thanks for listening and all of your kind comments / well wishes :smiley:

@brianlarsen your comment really made me laugh. I did say I’m recovering from covid! If I’d recorded this when my symptoms were at their worst then it would have sounded hoarse to say the least!

@TheMadman_tobyjenner thanks for clarity on that! Denis Leary cover coming up :joy:

Have a great weekend everyone, CYPGMB

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That was excellent Iain. A great example of the stuck fingers 3&4 technique.
Well played and sung as ever. You really got the Oasis/HFB vibe into your strumming pattern.

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Glad to see you’re back, unvanquished by the plague. :slight_smile:

I thought it sounded great: both playing and vocal. You maintained a nice, laid back rhythm through the whole piece, and your vocal didn’t sound off to me. (But I know how that is – we’re always our own most vicious critic.) You made me want to join in, which means your performance moved me. As musicians, I think “moving the audience” is always what we want. Well done.

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That was really nice, Iain. I don’t know the song but I quite like your playing on it. I heard no issues with your vocals either, your singing was great.

Hope you’re back to feeling 100% soon.

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@sairfingers thank you so much! Near enough every Oasis song is stuck 3/4 so they’re the perfect band for learning that technique :joy:

@J.W.C thank you! I couldn’t agree more with you to be honest. If I can move with someone with a performance then that’s more than enough for me. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

@mari thank you! Noel Gallagher is quite big in the UK, I don’t think he’s ever really cracked the states if you’re American? Another great solo song of his is “Dead in the Water”. Worth a listen!

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Wonderful stuff CY. Loved the vocals and the playing.

Noel has to be up there with my favourite artists and you do his songs such justice.

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Very nice playing and singing Iain, you’re not really showing much signs of being unwell in your performance!
Get yourself 100% soon, then we can some more of you playing and singing!

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@SgtColon thank you! Always good to find another fan of his music and I’m glad I did it justice :smiley:

@DarrellW thank you! Glad it wasn’t too below par after fighting back from covid. Nearly 100% so I’m ready to get stuck into more Justin lessons properly :smiley:

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You sing a lot better than Gallagher, no kidding, like your voice a lot more.
This sounds like it was your song to begin with.

There is little I can bring or teach you; really love that vocal timbre and the guitar is absolutely solid and sweet ‘n’ mellow.

A+ performance

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Thank you @LievenDV
These kind of comments keep me recording covers, it’s very kind and gracious from a great musician.
Have you been recording anything recently? I would love to hear if so!