Northeast Michigan (LP) Jam Buddy

I live near Alpena, willing to drive a couple hours in any direction if anyone is interested in getting together now and then for practice/fun. I’m in the middle of Grade 2 and play electric (though I hope to acquire an acoustic soon.).

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Hello Lunarocket
I am from Ontario Canada and am looking for a jamming/practice buddy. I’m mid fifties and been learning for almost 2 years. Would be interested in practicing ( Skype , zoom Facebook etc) and getting together as the opportunity arises. Let me know if you are still looking :grinning:

Hi, I am still looking, I’ve only been practicing a little over a year so I don’t know how great I’ll be at jamming, but we can try. I’ve used Zoom for the Clubs, never used Skype. Nice to make your acquaintance.

Great! We should plan a time to meet up via zoom, Facebook or whatever. Somebody pointed out to me that jamming isn’t really possible via Skype etc as there is a lag time. However it would still be helpful to share what we’re working on and have some accountability . You just can’t actually play or jam together at the same time but the support and discussion and practicing in front of someone would be great.

it is always nice to meet someone with something in common and share experiences.

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Hi Lorraine. Remember that you can post songs/parts of songs/riffs or whatever you’re working on in the AVOYP section of the community site. You’ll get advice, support and encouragement from lots of fellow members.

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hey. Lorraine, sorry I haven’t gotten back to you but I’ve developed tendinitis in both my shoulder and elbow of my strumming arm and can’t practice any guitar for the foreseeable future. This is very frustrating. All my other hobbies are toast, too, gardening, etc. oh woe is me! :slightly_frowning_face:

Oooo nooooo Rebecca, that’s terribly annoying…and in three places :scream:… and actually I would like to say a lot more, butttt, those forum rules :roll_eyes:

…I wish you a very speedy recovery :bouquet:


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Oh that just sucks! Hope you’re on the mend soon! Feel free to get in touch when you feel up to it. Wishing you a quick recovery

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