NOT Layla...but a little noodle

So listening to the “likely lads” perform it spurred me to have a little noodle of my own. So here is a very impromptu improv using my Trio+ . Quite simple and repetitive but I didn’t make too many mistakes which is a bonus. It might encourage me to explore more!

The video is ONLY 4 mins long even though it’s says it’s 59mins long… I think something went wrong on the export.



He plays lead? Sweet noodles too. Nice go of it sir. Not sure that I’ve seen you do this before. Well done!

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You are so in the groove Jason, living and breathing the music. Way to go :star_struck:

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Super stuff Jason. If we can all inspire each other then job done! You were certainly in the groove there, that was great.

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Happy to hear you getting back into that, Jason. Sounded good to me, a suitably gritty driven tone. The Trio sure does add something extra to the BT.

Had a good laugh at your ‘A short noodle’ title on a 1hr video.

@CT well Clint it’s not generally something I “do” as I tend to find it a struggle but occasionally I’ll bring up a YT backing track and noodle over it. Thanks for the listening and the kind comments.

@batwoman Maggie yes I actually did quite enjoy it last night…and for a change it was relatively clean.

@sairfingers Gordon thank you yes definitely listening to the other Layla-esque noodles was inspiring…although on that particular front I’ve been told never to play it again as I subjected my family to too many hours of practicing the original in preparation for a grade exam :grimacing:

@DavidP Yep thought it would be good to kick it off and show how easy it is just to get the drums&bass going, add the loop and then noodle…the only thing I did was obviously switch from a clean preset for the loop to a dirty one for the solo


I thought you’d released an album for a minute there Jason. :smiley:

You were well away there and it was brilliant stuff. Roll on the day I can improv like that.

ha ha…I think there must be some artifact or something further along the video track which is why it’s ended up as a 59 minute length!

Honestly I am not that good in this space…it’s pretty repetitive and I’m not really linking identifiable phrases. However with a bit more study I should be able to improve.

I enjoy watching these, just to see where people are at and how they approach things.
It’s probably blasphemy, but I wouldn’t worry too much about ‘identifiable phrases’.
It sounds a whole lot better than the ‘newbie noodling’ I very occasionally indulge in, which means you’re on the right path :smiley:
I notice you arm the Trio with the rhythm you are going to be playing. Do you find it makes a difference? I tend to just do four (occ. three) downstrums to the bar and choose the rhythm/style afterwards.
Carry on…

Thanks Brian! Playing different rhythms can make a difference but only in the context of selecting something that feels right…on this occasion I wanted to go through the whole process without twiddling knobs on the Trio…so prime for generating the backing track…play the chord sequence, keep playing and then arm for the loop…keep playing to record the loop and then switch presets for the solo/lead part.

Haha, that’s always the case but you have to be less critical about what you do; it’s all part of the learning curve, I was just the opposite when I came here, I couldn’t play rhythm guitar for toffee but I could play lead albeit not with the best timing. What I’ve managed to do here is rectify both problems to an acceptable extent - which I could never have done without proper guidance.
Your playing was fine, yes a bit repetitive but no real problems. Experience will make the difference, keep at it, don’t follow the route of others signature licks, develop your own voice, that’s what makes it yours!

Nice one Jason,
Good to see how you armed the looper…as Brian indicates it’s a “guess” what kind of drum and bass will appear? Or you have already used it a lot and taught it well what your preference is,… .with me I do choose the style in advance (still use it very little), and then change something …or sometimes I have to adjust chords again … there are also a lot of buttons to find out etc… :see_no_evil:

@DarrellW Thanks for the comments and I do know what you mean.

@roger_holland I use the Trio a lot and usually not in this mode i.e. I’m building parts for backing tracks. I find that most of the time if left to it’s own devices it’ll land on Rock, Blues or Country genre and will generally pick a Style that works. Obviously if building a song I’ll then tweak things. You know you can “force” it to use a Genre and Style before you teach it the chord progression by selecting these first.

On this occasion I started with a blank part, “armed” it to teach it the chord progression…played the progression and pressed the band button to start the band, pressed the Loop button to arm the looper…it’ll then go through a full progression before starting the looper so as long as you keep playing things will generally appear seamless. I had the volume turned down slightly on the looper which is why there was a volume drop when the looper playback kicked in…then I just selected a different prefix on my multifx for the lead.

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Could have easily listened to an hour of that Jason. :wink:

Thought you did really well, some nice phrases and use of space. The Trio comes in handy for this type of jam, although I must confess I’ve been struggling to build recognisable backing for cover songs. But like all things its all about practice.

Hope to hear more of this from you.



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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thanks Toby…I know it’s one of things that you can just trip along the fret board for ages when you get going.

What song/songs are you trying to do on the Trio? Happy to try and give one a go to see if I can make it work and then tell you how I did it. I just need the chord chart/sequence as well…you can share songs by exporting the tlsd file as well. I don’t think there are any songs I’ve NOT been able to get a usable backing track with.

Nicely done Jason, really enjoyed that. And very interesting to see you set up the Trio.

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Jason - I’ll keep that in mind. To be honest the ones I started with were 3/4 and 6/8. Maybe I need to try something simple in 4/4 and learn from that. I’ve just learnt a new song, possibly for the next OM, so I should try using that on the Trio while I rehearse. Use has been sporadic as I’ve been migrating songs from SetlistHelper to Songbook, as the former seemed to not be retaining the scroll tempo. The plan being, go over the rusty set list and start building Trio BTs. But as you have seen with Layla being abused, there are other distractions afoot !

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Sounding good to me, Jason, relaxed and in the groove with some nice repetitions.

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Thank you Mari I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Well, that was fabulous, Jason. I’m sure I came across one of your earlier AVOYP back on the old forum recorded about 5 years ago. It’s marvellous to see how far you have come on your journey. Well done, mate.