Not possible anymore to mark lessons as complete?

Hi there,
I can’t mark videos as complete anymore. Even when I uncheck already checked Videos by clicking on the little play button and try to check it again, it doesn’t work.

Did something change or does anybody else has the same problem?
I turned my adblocker already off for just to make sure and I am using the Firefox browser in case that is important.

Thanks for the help

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Same here in Google Chrome version 97.0.4692.71

Do they mark as complete when you play the video to the end?

That was introduced as a feature a couple of months ago.

Cheers :blush:
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Sadly not. I just tried it again.


Are you waiting for the next lesson to load or are hitting “play now”, if you do the latter the lesson will not be marked done (I like this feature as I can control the mark complete). If you allow the lesson to fully complete and the next to be loaded automatically, the lesson is marked completed.

Hope that helps. Like all things guitar, it would seem patience is required. :sunglasses:

I just tried looking at a lesson and it automatically marked as complete at end of video. Below the lesson video you have a heart and a check box. If you click on the check box it will mark the lesson as complete. If you complete the lesson but don’t want it to be shown as complete until your ready you can click on the check box and it will remove the lesson from your completed lessons. Hope that helps.

Is that on the app ? I don’t see a check box on the website as per the original question. :sunglasses:

It’s on the website

Click on the circle with the tick mark

Ah !! But I can reset the completed tick alongside the lesson on the web site list of module lessons. :smiley:

Well that looks more like the app, what browser are you using ? This is Chrome.

Henning you cannot mark it complete, just let it run through. But you can mark it not completed by hitting the green tick :sunglasses:

In preferences in yiu account on the website you can turn off
auto play next lesskn and mark complete

That doesn’t seem very logical, does it? :slight_smile:

The option to mark the lesson complete by clicking on the play icon worked a few days ago. Was there any reason to change it? Maybe the separate “mark complete” button could be brought back. It would make the whole process much easier.

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I agree but like you I am just a user. The issue was raised with the mods some time back when the mark complete function was removed and it was passed to Justin’s team. There is a difference between video watched and lesson completed. But that’s just MHO. :sunglasses:

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I tested everything now:

I don’t see the checkbox and the favorite heart buttons on the webpage, when I open it on my notebook. Neither with Firefox, nor with Chrome.
The videos also don’t get checked as completed, when I am patient and let them run through. Alsonot if i push the “play next video” button.

I do see the checkbox and the heart as on the screenshot of @Socio , when I open the webpage in the browser on my andoid phone.

Seems like a bug to me

I now turned on “Automatically Mark Lessons as Complete” in my preferences and now it works. (Thanks @stitch)

But if you turn this of there is no way to mark the lessons as complete manually. I don’t think this makes sense. I would prefere if the two buttons will be visible under the videos all the time. Makes it way more intuitive.
Just my opinion in direction of the devs. :wink:

Thanks for all your replys by the way, I am overwhelmed about so many people trying to help.