Not Quite Pics From Where You Live

Thought I’d share this but keep it out of the other “pics” thread. BTW no guitars here !

Country life in all its glory.

There had been some weird sounds emanating from the insert fire since my daughter was over for Easter. Something sounded pretty pizzed but we assumed it could have been something nesting. Roll forward this weekend and whatever it was had now dropped down the flue and scratching to escape.

Yesterday it was getting more frantic and no easy escape route, so I had a quick looked and saw this !!

After loosening the bolts that hold the heat deflector in place, more was revealed.

So I decided to open the lounge windows and help the obvious raptor escape.

The towel was precautionary as those talons looked a bit iffy and I suspected their owner may be a little miffed. Plus if it was injured I had something on hand to wrap it up, just in case. Turned out the owl was chilled and just sat on the plate as I lowered it before making a dash for freedom.

An appropriate section of Robert Jon and The Wrecks “Don’t Look Down” seemed apt !

Never a dull moment.



Hi Toby ,
Great and super well done :clap: :sunglasses:, I’m proud of you :blush: and how great that you captured this on video… :sunglasses:

This is not limited to the countryside, I lived fairly in the middle of the city and at my parental home there was regularly a nesting bird in the chimney pipe, once a small owl on top, but it was normally 4 to 6 times a year that a Blackbird or great tit flew in panic through the house quickly closed the curtains so that they didn’t crash into the windows :see_no_evil:, and oooo, another vase or whatever broke so often, but it’s super cool that you were smart enough to put the camera on it. Thanks


This is the first time we have had anything stuck in the insert fire chimney in the lounge. The kitchen wood burner attracts about 10 birds a year but they manage to get around its deflector and end up sitting in the stove itself. Frequently Jackdaws and Starlings but we have had few Thrushes as well. Dealing with these one are easier, open the kitchen doors to the garden, open the stove door and they just fly out !! I’ll have to video the next arrival ! All good fun.



The Owl Rescue Squad.

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Great save there Toby.
A great day for the rescued owl.
Guessing from your thumbs up after the owl flew off that your good deed made you feel good too.
It should. I’ve kinda had that happen too. Though in my case it was just a plain 'ol sparrow that went down the down spout and got stuck. Still, it made me feel good when the sparrow would fly off after a little help getting free.

A job well done Toby. What a beautiful bird your rescued.

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Two wise birds in one video? Too much for me :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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This happened to me too when I lived in Kent. It was around midnight I heard something behind the wall above the fireplace that was now boarded off. Then scratching and flapping etc. It really distressed me hearing a creature struggling so I called rspca who came out very quickly , opened the boarded up fireplace gently with a towel at the ready and it was a very large pigeon. I was very relieved that it was rescued.


That’s awesome, Toby! My biologist heart made some extra bumps watching you freeing the owl! :heart_eyes:

Some of these owl folks are quite local, so if they liked it at the Madman’s chimney, they might come back next year. :sunglasses:


We have at least 2 close residence calling out nightly, as surrounded by trees and also a couple of Buzzards, one of which nests in one of our huge Oaks. I hope this Barn Owl has learnt its lessons. The same can’t be said Starlings and Jackdaws who are frequent visitors to the kitchen stove !!

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Now even more I keep thinking about “one flu over the Cuckoo’s nest” :laughing: but that must be a translation joke in my head only. :blush:

My wife liked the foto`s and video too :sunglasses:



Owl in the chimney, shoo owl, shoo. :slight_smile:

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Nice one, Toby. What a great save. Shame it didn’t stop for a longer pose. It looked beautiful though.

Great choice of song and I loved the bit at the end of the video. :smiley:

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What a hoot of a story, talk about Toby’s hidden talon(t)s. Well done!