Not sure what to think



Already seen that one, yeah it is a bit mind blowing!

Collier is a freak. In the nicest possible way.


I’ve heard that he could be an alien, but wherever he comes from, musically, he is working on a completely different level than 99.99% of the musicians in the world. Past and present.

Julian Lage is another completely unassuming musical genius.

That video is so cool!!! Thanks fir the share!!!


OK so he does odd things. couldnt string a 6 string with 5 strings like some others heh

Tried Djesse vol 4, hate it.

he referred to himself as a novice guitarist and then as ‘guitarist’ with finger quotes :joy:
Cool video, great to watch. :smiley: thanks for sharing

Thanks, I had not heard of him before. Now I am curious about building a 5 string guitar. :thinking::smirk:

You can always take a string off like Kieth Richards. The only thing this guy gets with a designed instrument is some string spacing. You could get that with a classical and just drop a string. At least then you can see if you like it before committing to a whole build.

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Oh, I agree. But then it is also a rationalization to build another guitar. :grin:

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