Not sure where to post my covers

So I’ve posted over three cover songs on the AVOYP. The description says we are only supposed to post three in total before moving onto the “progress” section. I don’t see any progress section. Can anyone guide me to the correct section to post cover songs after we have reached our limit in the beginner section?

I think that is supposed to mean that you create a Learning Log thread here

You can post both your videos and just text about your guitar journey.

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What it actually means, is create a new topic in AVOYP for the recording and not use the Beginner topic/post. However you are limited to one new topic per month in this sub category but you can add additional recordings to that thread. @Richard_close2u Richard recently posted a guide on how to create the post and add additional tracks but I can’t seem to find it right now.

You do also have the options to create and post recordings in a Leaning Logs but these tend to be more work in progress/development examples, where full covers would be part of AVYOP.

Hope that helps.



Found it


You have posted more than three topics in AVOYP In total.
Which is all good.
There is no limit, none whatever, on how many you can post - apart from the one new topic per month guideline.
Where did you see a limit of three stated?

Hi Richard, here’s where I saw the reference to three uploads.

The “Beginners Safe Space” section in AVOYP.

Of course. The 2 limit applies to that one topic only, not to any other topic and not to any category or sub-category.

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