Notation Information?

Hi everyone,
First post here. I’m 72, retired, and started learning guitar after trying 13 years ago. Purchased the JG module and I’m having so much fun this go-around!!!

Now my question…I have searched and searched but can’t seem to find the definition of the notation on page 119 of JustinGuitar volume I Beginner’s Songbook (Please Forgive Me) beat 3. (A slanted box with a line pointing up.)

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Hi Russ,

Could you please post an image of the bar in question?

Hi Jozsef,
I’ve attached a photo.

Thank you very much!

looks like this Caesura - Wikipedia

Yep, it looks like you should play a downstrum on beat 3 and not let it ring out.

Thank you very much, gentlemen!!


It’s a half-note-

The reason it’s not drawn using an oval, is because it’s a strumming pattern, which typically use a slanted style to signify it’s not an actual note, but a beat/rhythm.

Although this only shows quarter notes, you’ll see the score position doesn’t signify any note, you rely on the chord boxes to know what note(s) to play -

The same style can get used above the score to signify a rhythm guitar, such as - Brown Eyed Girl Sheet Music | Van Morrison | Guitar Tab (

Also, since the half-note in question is tied to the previous note, it does not get a down (or any kind of) strum. The up strum on 2+ just rings out for the rest of the measure.

Hello @Russ72 and welcome to the community.
Also, thanks for puchasing the products and supporting the site and Justin’s mission to teach the world to play.

These two comments are spot on.

Once you have strummed on the count of the and after 2, do not strum in that bar anymore but simply let the chord notes ring out for the duration of the bar.

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on the count of 2+

Thanks @jjw1 - now corrected.

Thanks so much for all this information!! Thinking about it as a strum really makes sense. Lots to learn on my journey.

Thanks again,

Hi Russ, can you explain “JG”? thanks (lot to learn)

I just abbreviated JustinGuitar.