Note Circle: With A Jam Buddy

If you got a friend joining you on your journey - you can test each other. Great practice and more fun than doing it alone!

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I don’t have a jam buddy, so this is what I have been doing…

Go to and paste the following:


I set the options to 2 and click the button. This returns two random notes for me to figure out how many semitones apart they are. Then I check myself against the printed note circle.

After a week of that, I knew the note circle pretty well. Now I am using the same tool, but I play the first note on the the 5th (A) string, count the semitones, then play the second note. This is helping me to memorize where the notes are in relation to each other on the fretboard.

Just thought I’d post this method in case anyone else finds it useful.


Hi! I have a question, if you say Gb to B should I count it counter clockwise or clockwise because if I count it counter clockwise I get 7 semitones while clockwise I get 5 semitones. Which is the right way to count it? Hope someone could help.

Unless specified otherwise, the convention for counting intervals (jumps) between notes is ascending in pitch = clockwise around the note circle.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you, Richard

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