Notes On The Whole Fretboard

Learn to use the Octave Shapes to find notes all over the guitar fretboard. :)

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I recently started the Practical Music Theory course and, this morning, was studying “Know Where The Notes Are” on page 10 of the course. A few years ago, I learnt how to find notes on a fretboard using the Five Root Shapes which I now know quite well. This course shows a different system for finding notes. Is it important to learn this system or does the root shape system achieve the same result?

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If you can pick a random string-fret location and recall the note name it should be fine. It really doesn’t matter what method you use so long as you can do it fairly efficiently. Knowing those shapes and the intervals in them will come in handy when it gets to manipulating chord shapes (sus2, sus4, 7, maj7 …etc).


Thank you!

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Hello @rpalanuk and welcome to the community.

You mention page 10.
Are you using the old eBook pdf that Justin has retired in favour of the newer, better, fuller theory course here: Practical, Fast & Fun Music Theory |

Justin teaches here using octave shapes and it does tie in with root shapes and chord shapes. If you’re good, you’re good. The means is less important than the knowing in this case.
I hope that helps.

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Thank you! I’ll check that out.

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At 1.08 Justin talks about the 7th fret on the 5th string whilst pointing to and meaning the 9th fret. This sent me down quite a rabbit hole trying to figure it out until I realised what he’d done.

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@netwiz Congratulations on winning this month’s prize! You caught Justin making a human error.

Erm yes. I wasn’t complaining - it happens. I was just letting you know. Worth putting one of those correction bubbles on it.

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I was just kidding … hence the winky face :slight_smile:

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