Notification Changes - What's Does This Button Do?

To paraphrase Bruce Dickinson.

Just clicked on my profile pic to see the latest Notifications and was presented with a new display and bunch of icons, as below.


What’s that all about then ?


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More change for the sake of change. Apparently the wizard behind the curtain got board fixing the long list of things that need fixing and decided to change the way the notification button worked.

What’s in your other notification box (the 4 squares)? Maybe it an explanation of why there is a notification box in your notification menu. :nerd_face:

Hi ,
I am convinced that we don’t know the big picture and when everything comes together in a later moment in this universe there will be a great ecstasy of joy and wonder :smiley:… or not.

I am an old man when it comes to computers and fear any change, always happy when the change is not too big/bad … but I was also afraid when moved from the old forum to the new one, and oooo what a super change after one day search.

The square with the small squares is ‘the busy Richard box’ :blush:

Have you figured it out yet, Toby?

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You mean the notification of other notifications of which there are 2 unread notifications !!
But not an unread notification about other notifications, of new notification methods of which have not been notified.
I think :exploding_head:


There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Yes the answer yet again is 42.

No :man_shrugging:


It’s the icons that used to be across the top of the notification menu. Someone decided they need to be bigger and down the side. I guess they are worried us old guys could see the menu when it was at the top of the drop down window.

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Yes funnily enough those were still there when I first looked. I went to grab a screen shot to compare but they’d gone. I guess not having the words and just icons makes it easier for some folk. Progress ?

I’ll give you the answer about After seven and a half million years… :laughing:

Ps: to be honest, I had to look up your text :upside_down_face:

Each square represents the four key pillars that stop the community from falling into disarray; the system, Richard, Lieven & David.


Ah you may have found Ford Prefect :rofl:

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I’m not a fan either and I would presume none of us three Mods has anything to do with it.

I’ll check with Kris (the dev) if he did certain updates but I would be surprised as he currently has no time for specific Community stuff. I can’t imagine doing something useless like that on his own without us knowing/asking :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool Lieven. It came out of the blue but I suppose there could be some rational behind it.
Its just a bummer that we users never get consulted. Some unknown geek/tech thinks hey that would be cool and hits the code rewrite, as a retired IT geek, that goes against the grain.

Just reach out and table your ideas please ! Ask what folks think. Just don’t upgrade dump and run.

Change for the good. Don’t change coz you can !!


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I don’t think the people at discourse are running their ideas passing all the users in the forums they powered :stuck_out_tongue: Only thing I can imagine is that they thought this would work better on all devices or something?

btw, for those who misunderstood: when I said I was going to check on Kris, it was merely to see whether this was part of an upgrade package* or that this one of the things that runs past those background processes that makes Discourse update itself etc.

(*so I could figure out whether there is an option to keep it old school)


Skool is cool. School is so passé !

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And not only is it a change in behaviour sprung on us with no warning, and no explanation of how it is supposed to work, it also appears to be buggy.

For example, the blue circles seem to counts of things like replies, likes, etc. But I can’t clear them, even when I go to the specific item that is highlighted in the list.

I can sort of see that this might actually be a better approach…if it worked properly, and was properly explained to the users.

But this is just really annoying.

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There’s a lot of noise in here.
Please, calm, breathe, relax.
Nobody got hurt.
It is a few little icons on your screen.
And, so far as I know, the JG team didn’t do it.


Well Toby just try and remember what Donald said, “there are known known’s and unknown known’s” :smiley:

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:astonished: Have we been hacked?

@SgtColon No, Stefan. We host the Community on a software platform that provides all the basic functionality. Our thinking is that the owners of that platform made some changes that have automatically promulgated onto our site.


Thanks David. I guess we always have to keep moving forward.