November Newsletter, New Courses, and More! :)

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday. :slight_smile:
How are y’all going? Excited about the Holiday season ahead? I am!

I’m passing by to post a link to Justin’s latest newsletter, so y’all are in the loop of the new courses and stuff happening.

In the development land, we just updated our Store page, and now Kris is rebuilding our payment and emails system to give a better experience when managing your account from your Dashboard (like fixing that annoying bug that shows “newsletter” as off to some users who actually receive the newsletter!)

The most exciting news is a new Strumming course - I think it’ll be so useful to many of us! Nice. :slight_smile:

Now I will enjoy a bit of this super sunny Saturday here in Montreal!



Always good to read that it’s not just me :sweat_smile:,…I did`t say because I always read it through here,…but thanks for the info :sunglasses:

Happy weekend,greetings,Rogier

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