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just curious……”as you can imagine” meaning you loathe the beatles? nice pun with imagine btw :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I was in two minds as to whether or not to watch his review, having a pretty good idea of what he’d say. Glad I did after your comment, specifically for the insights into the use of technology to isolate John’s vocal. His conflictedness as to whether it should have been produced was also interesting. The song review was much as I expected.

That was fascinating, both the references to the sound quality of analog vs digital and the material side of vinyl LPs.

These days I have a healthy dose of sceptism when watching things on YouTube. This seems sound but can one be 100% certain? I don’t really know enough to have an educated opinion.

No pun intended. The similarity to the Lennon album never crossed my mind, never having listened regularly to it. I enjoy the songs Imagine, Jealous Guy, and Working Class Hero and that’s the extent of my listening to Lennon.

This being a reply to Brian who knows my musical preferences leading me to be more of a Stones lover than Beatles, the imagine was based on that and a desire not to bring the Stones into the reply in anyway.

That said ‘loathe the Beatles’ is quite an extreme inference. I don’t ‘loathe’ the Beatles. I quite enjoy their early works and happily listen to the Red compilation. I’ve listened to some of the other later albums and from start to finish the albums aren’t my taste. Based on my own taste and the way I tend to think about things (generally averse to GOAT debates), I think there may be a wee bit too much hype around the Beatles that colours conversations. But that is just my opinion, subjective and no doubt influenced by my own taste and preferences.

As for the song after hearing that the demo was recorded in the mid 70s, you could argue that it is not a Beatles song but a John Lennon solo featuring ex Beatles. And if he’d lived on maybe he’d have eventually recorded the song, maybe with musicians that performed on his solo albums, maybe with Paul, or George, or Ringo. We’ll never know, unless there are records to settle that.

While I’m in the ‘meh’ camp, when/if it hits the top 10 on Spotify and should Rick make one of his top 10 reaction videos, I think fairly safe to say it is likely to be a strong contender for being the one song I’d pick to listen to from the 10 if asked to make a choice.

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Rick - Seems that recording has contracted Henleyitis.

As for the song, thought the vocals sounded a bit off to start with and not pure JL. It would probably been inspirational, if I’d heard it back in their hay day but its seemed, like others have said, pretty average but hey I am half a century older. However, every now and then I spin some of the old albums up or at least their digital counter parts.

As to the reason behind the release and timing of it, who knows. But some interesting comments and observations for sure. :thinking:

Scepticism on YouTube and the internet in general is very wise and I wish more people would be wary.

All I can say is Benn’s channel is usually very well researched and he has a tendency to test things rather than believe conventional “wisdom”.

He is also a relatively successful musician. As he says in the video selling vinyl would benefit him, and he used to do it until he found out how toxic it was.

I had an interest in chemistry when I was younger, and what he claims makes sense to me with my fairly rudimentary knowledge of organic chemistry.

He has some interesting content on his channel which is quite different from other YouTube musicians.



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