Now and Then

Well somebody’s got to mention the latest/last Beatles single.
Whaddya think? :thinking:
It wouldn’t have made the cut for Abbey Road, but for a band that has brought me so much pleasure throughout my life, I enjoyed the nostalgia :grinning:
(Even more impressive, if you consider half the band is dead…)


I see the importance of this that you opted to give it a topic, rather than just a reply in the what are you listening to Topic :laughing:

I have been seeing it on my YouTube page and eventually succumbed and listened.

And as you’d imagine, it was very neither here nor there for me. Not unpleasant but not enjoyable enough to get a second listen.


Hehe, you are quite right, David :laughing:
I suppose it’s because I live on Merseyside and it’s The Beatles :open_mouth:
Never entered my mind…
You might want to relocate it over to the appropriate home when you’re twiddling your fingers :wink:

I think it’s a very much a John Lennon song, not just because his is the main vocal but it’s very reminiscent of stuff from the Imagine album.
The technology used to create this song is impressive and I think the use of it is acceptable in this case as it uses the vocal track recorded by Lennon before his murder in 1980. If it was an AI version then that would be a different thing entirely and unacceptable as a Beatles track in my opinion
I think it’s a terrific final Beatles song.

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It can stay here, Brian, as I imagine that there may be more chat and reaction to this release than is typical in that topic.

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I think your right Gordon, although many would say many (most?) of the Beatles songs were either Lennon or McCartney songs when they were together.
Yup, the AI does an incredible job on isolating parts. It’s going to become a blurry line very soon though when it can fill in words, change pitch, it’ll be a virtual Trigger’s Broom :laughing:
I enjoyed the BBC iplayer doc on the making of it last night

pun intended? :laughing:
No harm to leave it here I guess. Can always migrate later if it fizzles out :wink:


It’s defiantly a John Lennon track recorded as a demo in 1977. Someone is just trying to keep the Stones/Beatles battle going so they can make millions. Stones put out a new album Beatles counter with a old song.

= Paul
And you’re right on the money, Rick- except for the money part.
Macca don’t need the dosh.
It’s a legacy thing…
REMEMBER ME! (us) :rofl:


If so why isn’t the money going to a charity or some organization dedicated to saving the planet. I do seem to remember a little song about Giving Peace a Chance. Or as the Muppets put it Give Peas a Chance.
I guess Paul gets the last laugh over who really ran the Beatles. Yoko must be P******. Paul’s making money off a song he didn’t write.

I don’t know how much money bands make from recordings nowadays. I for one listen to my music on Spotify so I suppose a fraction of a £/$ goes to the band/writer.

….and who’s going to be the first here to transcribe it? :smiley:

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It’s Amazon’s top-selling vinyl at the moment- and at almost £20 a pop, that’s not to be sniffed at.
Mind you that does include a remix of Love Me Do :rofl:
(See what they did there? 1st and last singles ever :wink:)

and I thought I was cynical :wink:
Yoko gave Paul the tapes.
Both Yoko and Paul plough money into Liverpool arts education and performance venues (as well as other charities).
Not for financial gain, but for legacy reasons.
Although maybe you’re right- Maybe he just wants more money.

and from the Guardian newspaper
So Now and Then is a qualified success, although the question remains: what’s it for? It clearly doesn’t exist to make money, which none of the Beatles or their estates need – although the 7in single version retails for an eye-watering £18 – nor to burnish the Beatles’ existing catalogue, which hardly needs burnishing. Perhaps the real reason for its existence lies with McCartney. No Beatle tried harder to keep the band together or seemed more shattered by their split. And no Beatle has worked more tirelessly to affix a happy ending to their story, never failing to remind interviewers that the band were a tight studio unit to the end, regardless of what was happening outside of it, and that he and Lennon were friends again at the time of his death


Ask Don Henly… pretty sure he & his stormtruppe gang know to the penny/pence EXACTLY how much it is!!! :rofl:

As far as the “new” Beatles song… meh…
My take is that if an artist dies with tracks recorded & ready for release, ok. Put them out there. If, on the other hand, it’s not at the point where that artist would consider it finished, don’t release it as a “new” song. People making money & then pretending it adds to the Beatles’ legacy… wrong!!!



I’m thinking it more for tax reasons. :wink:

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I found it an odd experience after all this time to hear the four together again, and after two listens so far it is growing on me.
I am not interested in the money aspect, though of course it is there.
It is hearing them together again and the memories that stirred within me upon doing so, that is more meaningful.
Both the Stones and The Beatles brought me a lot of happiness when they first arrived in our ears. :grinning: :grinning:


Well I gave it a listen, and I’m really, really sorry to say…meh

It’s not just pretty average for a Beatles song, it’s just… pretty average

Yeah, I’ve not been impressed with any of the ones they’ve done from John’s home recordings. “Free As a Bird” was boring as well.

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I appreciated Rick Beato’s analysis and review.


Definitely not, as vinyl is quite toxic.




I think it’s nice, been working on a fingerstyle of it.

Chord sequence, arrangement etc it’s all Lennon though, but then some beatles tracks were also

I am enjoying Now and Then. It feels like a love letter from John to Paul. I admire Paul’s dedication to working on this for almost 30 years. In that way it is also a love letter back from Paul to John. What better ending to one of the most prolific songwriting teams of all time?