Nowhere man - Beatles

[Nowwhere man …… bad singing version ]

(Nowhere man - Beatles cover - YouTube)

Hi all this is my first post singing and playing. Been on here lockdown then stopped and life got in the way.

Anyway back on here and ready to develop my singing and hopefully get a shot at the online open mic!

Anyway feedback appreciated


HI there,

I think you played the song in time nicely. Singing will develop over time, but I think nobody will complain about singing and playing if your voice isn’t perfect. I need to fix my singing, but I keep cranking out the songs and keep trying. Some work well and some sound awful. I challenge myself to improve each time, but there are always ups and downs. Bravo on your first video share-sounded great.


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Thanks Jeff. Yeah I guess i need to keep banging them out and almost get used to hearing my own voice.

Yes i have tried some and they sound awful so i will stick to the simple ones for now!

Sounds good to me. I can clear out a room in a hurry if I start singing.

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Hey Alex, I’ll check out your post tomorrow mate but I saw in your post that you wanted to develop your voice and thought you may want to check out this course which many members of the community have enrolled in Discover Your Voice Pro Bundle - Chris Liepe

Ah, yes, I remember you better now, although in my memory you were playing (an orangy?) Gretsch? :smiley:

Haha, you gotta be jokin’ :rofl:
You can play and you can sing.
Time to get performing :sunglasses:
(oh yeah, nice lead on Let it Be too)

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Its definitely a work in progress for me but i figure i need to master it to some basic level.

Brian - yes thats right still have the good old orange Gretsch. Bought a cheap epiphone casino, amazing guitar for the price.

Yeah be good to arrange that jam sometime!

Hey Alex, and welcome back :hugs:.
That was really nicely played AND sung. I think, you only need to work on your self confidence to make your singing even better. But for me, there was nothing to complain about. Well done :smiley::clap::+1:.

Nicely done Alex, and welcome back. I know that I have to be rather careful about the songs that I attempt to sing. I have a rather narrow range and my ability to sing with confidence goes down quickly as my vocal range is challenged.

That was really well played and sung Alex. You definitely don’t need to shy away from singing! Great job!

Thanks so much for the positive feedback. Once i have some time i am going to do another singing post soon. Hopefully get an audience spot on the xmas open mic then maybe a performance on the January’s one!

Advice all - how many times would you say on average do you practice a song you are going to perform?

That was very well done Alex. Enjoyable playing and singing. I really enjoyed it.

That is a hard one to answer. For me it depends on the song. Some just click straight away, where as others seems to take an age to get somewhere near. I generally tend to move on once I’m happy with how I’ve done, unless it’s my campfire songs then I just keep them ticking over.

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