NPD and other toys

Reverb strikes again, this time it was a new in-the-box, still sealed in the bag BBE Ben Wah from 2009. I’ve got to admit, even though I’ve been looking to get one of these for a few years now, I was a little reluctant to open it. I blame Josh Scott of JHS Pedals for that.

Next up is a battery-powered pedal board power supply from Joyo. I don’t understand why these are not more common.

Last up is a pile of boring old pedalboard patch cables however they do have nice, small moldings on the plugs and use flexible ribbon cable.


That looks mint!

Must dig out my wah pedal I’ve not used it in a few decades!

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Factory fresh!

The seller had a second one for sale that was well-used. I’m guessing that they bought two when the Vertex Pedals controversy blew up, thinking they could flip the BBE for a big profit.

That’s just a guess though. . .

Happy days Richard. I hope you got a great deal on it all? Have fun with that Wah pedal.

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I love reverb also. It can get you in hot water with the wife.

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Nice score Richard!

Have fun with the wah and imho, your gonna dig that power supply.
While I didn’t get that joyo one, a power supply for your stuff will likely make you real happy for not having to mess with batteries. I only have 5 or so pedals, 4 of them are joyo. I’m very happy with that joyo stuff that I have as they work like I want and they were reasonable priced.


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I always hold out for the deal so that I can justify buying whatever it is that I could have done just fine without.

It tends to get me in trouble with UPS and Customs, I gave those pirates almost as much as I gave the seller of that wah!

You’re close, it’s going to make me happy by not having to mess with an extension cord and a wall wart for my old power supply

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Someone has to pay my salary :joy:

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