Npd - darkglass duality dfz dual fuzz

I’ve done pretty well this year given we’ve got until nearly the end of April without any major guitar related purchases but that couldn’t last and I’ve bought myself a fuzz pedal.

There’s an Andertons demo of it which sold me on it (pedal demo starts at about 8 minutes in) A Pedal With a Joystick?! | Tales From the Andertons Pedal Cabinet! - Episode 20 - YouTube

When I play electric guitar, I mostly get my effects from a multi fx unit but had 2 issues that lead me to this pedal. Firstly I couldn’t get the fuzz sound I wanted through it’s in built effects and secondly (I think) you can only have 1 distortion pedal in your chain with the unit so if you want fuzz and an overdrive you’re out of luck. It does however have an effects loop so I put this pedal in the loop and then use an overdrive from the FX unit after it.

If you’d have asked me not long ago, I’d have said I had no interest in fuzz pedals, but I’ve seen several demos lately that have shown me that I was wrong! I will be watching for my neighbours going out this week because I want to try this pedal with my amp in it’s full power mode :blush:


Enjoy. GAS is good :rofl:

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I love that control setup, just one big dual concentric knob.
Anything by Darkglass is going to be top shelf, enjoy!

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Yes, it’s a really neat design. I suppose the caveat I’d add is it might not work so well if it was on a pedal that you wanted to adjust on the fly during a song because if you reached for it one handed or tried to use a foot (as I’ve seen done) then you’d probably end up moving both controls… but that’s not a scenario that I’m likely to encounter anytime soon!

Happy NPD Matt. Looks like my kind of pedal, nice and simple.

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Cool stuff!

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