NPD - King of Drive by DemonFX

I don’t think there is a single pedal out there that hasn’t been cloned at least once. And if your pedal comes with a 4-year waiting list and used prices in the $1,000 plus range you are pretty much asking for someone to produce a clone.

To illustrate I present to you, the King of Drive. I’ve only had an hour or so to play around with it but so far I like it. By using the dip switches inside you can have either side setup as a boost, an OD, or a distortion. Out of the box this one was set as a boost and an OD and going into my Katana 100 they both sound pretty good, not $1,000 worth of good, so I’m glad I only paid $80 for it. I dunno, maybe once I’ve had a chance to live with it for a while I’ll find the other $920 worth of tone.

It’s a shameless clone, there is no disputing that, but at least they are not trying to fool anyone and made their name the most prominent text on the pedal.


Pedals are fun. Enjoy!