NPD, Stone Deaf Noise Reaper

Received the Stone Deaf Noise Reaper. Had a lot of sound coming from the Stone Deaf PDF-2 (a pedal that i love, it gives a Queens of the Stone Age sound). Nice little muddy distortion in clean mode, in Dirt mode, itโ€™s euhm, hell of Noise. Very very loud :laughing: but like the sound of it. Very muddy.
But to avoid the noises going through my amp because of all that distortion, I brought the Noise Reaper. Itโ€™s magic! 1 button to turn till the noise is eliminated, and then you still have the good sound of the distortion when playing. The moment you stop, no more noise coming out of the amp.
If someone is searching for a good noise gate pedal, Iโ€™d recommend this one !


Great name for a metal band!


Yes and then what most forum members would say
Nomen est omen :smile: