NUD! Happy 10 Year Anniversary to me!

So I know not a single thing about ukulekes but I found this little guy in a pawn shop today and got him for $120. Great condition, electronics all work. Came with a gig bag.

I have no intention of adding in the challenge of learning ukele but I like that it’s Fender brand and I think it’s a gorgeous little instrument, I basically bought it for that reason. Maybe in the future it’ll be a hlfun new thing to learn but for right now it’ll look cute sitting on the shelf in the guitar room.


I love your story! I bought a uke for my wife because I liked the look… she has no intention of playing it but keeps it on this tiny stand‘cause it looks “cute”!!! Enjoy your 4 string buddy!!!


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Uke’s are a lot of fun, easy to learn. Congratulations

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Hello Stacy :smiley:

Happy Anniversary and congrats on your beautiful new uke :star_struck:

I’m sure you are going to have lots of fun with her - and the F-chord is so much easier :grin: :+1:

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That’s a beautiful Uke, Stacy! :star_struck:

Congrats on that purchase and all the best for your anniversary. :smiley:

Once you get your hands on this little beau, wish you loads of fun learning and exploring. :slight_smile:

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Excellent. I have two ukes. Got them before I pick up any guitars. They are fun.

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Looks like a cool little thing, have fun!

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Happy NUD Stacy. I hope you enjoy once you get round to playing it.

I’m saving mine for when I have grandkids.

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