Numb fingers when start to play

Anyone. Come across ways to “un-numb” fingers. As a 67 year old diabetic my finger sides and tips have been stuck 40 times a day for sugar tests for the last 30 years so not much feeling there anyway. Then when I get the guitar out they quickly go tingly and numb so I don’t really know where they are on the frets as very hard to feel anything. Does wear off a bit if I rest for 10 mins but comes back again making the in changes v hard as halfway thru I can sometimes lose all feeling in fingertips!

Sorry, meant to say makes the 1 min changes hard, not the “in” changes

What is odd is it “wears off” with rest.

If it is diabetic neuropathy or due to your insulin checks, why would it wear off?

Is it all your fingers or just some of them?

Look closely at you wrist. If you are flexing it too much you may be getting carpal tunnel symptoms. You are predisposed to carpal tunnel as a diabetic, and may get it more easily than those of us who aren’t diabetic.

Correct your wrist position as much as possible and wear a carpal tunnel brace during sleep, if this seems like a possibility. You don’t want it to get worse.

-josh the neurologist