Nut/saddle lube?

Still having issues with breaking high E & B strings (have bought some Ernie Ball RPS reinforced strings to try). just wondered if my issue (apart from lack of skill etc) might be the strings sticking in the bridge saddles or nut & if string lube is a good idea?

You can shave down the graphite fromn a pencil lead and drop the powder into the nut / saddle slots if you want to slippy them up … but the more pertinent question is: where exactly are your strings breaking?


You might look to see if there is a little burr at the edge of the tuning pin hole.

Can you tell where the string is breaking? like at the bridge or at the nut or at the tuner? That would be where to look for a burr or a problem.

I just use a no. 2 pencil and get some of the graphite in the nut slots under the strings.


Just to clarify, are they breaking during bends? Because if so then it is likely a technique issue. Saying this because it is the 2 bottom strings.

Or are they breaking because of picking or strumming? Could be something else. Without knowing how it is hard to say why.

Burrs and the like have been mentioned.

Rock on!

as asked, check out WHERE the strings are breaking. If they do break at the nut, a bit of gentle filing to round off the nut edges could suffice. (not exactly making it deeper or wider)

When the slots are too narrow, it usually results in tuning instability and string squeeks while tuning.

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I was snapping strings - it was my technique, I was pressing down on the string when bending the string, effectively filing through the string. I needed to push the string along the fret rather than press it down onto the fret. The strings were breaking at the fret where I was bending.

just passed the bridge saddle I think it may be a strumming technique issue as I feel like I’m pulling the stings ( think slap bass pull if that makes sense) as I feel the string hit my fretting hand

I can give my strings a good thumping when the mood takes me … but only time I ever had breakages was an edge where the string emerged from the tailpiece. I’d definitely be looking at the saddles to see why they’re breaking there.

Hey Garry… is this an acoustic or electric and if an electric what style(like Les Paul or strat)… what type of saddles? I don’t know much about acoustic other than bone. Regardless of what kind they should be smooth if ya run your finger over them and not get any snags. Maybe look at them with a magnifier… If there’s a sharp bend and you loosen and retune the string too much it really weakens those higher string.

Could be technique… I gues I’ve seen some people be pretty aggressive without breaking strings. Maybe try some different brands or types of strings.

Just throwing out some ideas. It’s funny how sometimes the problems with the simplest solutions can be the most frustrating to nail down.