Nut slot spacing

I have a Martin D-16 that I think has the 1st string slot cut too close to the edge. More so than my other less expensive guitars. When I do a D chord for example, the string sometimes slides over the beveled fret end. I suppose I could change the nut and move the slot inward a hair. Or am I holding the chord wrong and pressing down at the wrong angle?

Its possible it is, post a photo I am sure there are other D-16 owners on here.

is it new enough to take back to the store?

A replacement nut isnt a huge deal

It’s twenty years old. I bought it last year from Reverb. I guess it didn’t bother the last owner although they said they didnt use it much.

Must be heaps of pics of d-16s online too, go find as few and compare.

Its not unknown to happen and as I said a nut is an easy job for a Luther