Nylon Guitar + Harmonica : Mikis Theodorakis- State of Siege


Delightful, Tom, sounded fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

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That is beautiful. I always wanted to learn harmonica to play along to guitar, I’m very envious :smiley: Can I ask you if you have some harmonica teacher on youtube you would recommend? Thanks!

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I have never used a specific harmonica teacher but when buying Hohner diatonic harmonica I always got one month free online lesson with www.bluesharmonica.com
I used those free coupons and I learned a lot. later I purchased an online course with Howard Levy the father of harmonica overblown technique Howard Levy | Harmonica Lessons Online | ArtistWorks . I paid the whole year in advance but did not have time to go through every thing. That is it . I must say I learned much more with bluesharmonica.com . I have so many diatontic harmonica in differenet keys, German as well as Japanese made . I love harmonica . there are so many things to be said . If you have question please do let me know.

This is yesterday


Well Tom,
Since you look sort of like the brother of JG, I expected no less than a good performance and you delivered on that. :wink: Nice fingerwork. You seem to have good timing and steady play. I like the real harp and have long looked for a blues style harp sim, but have yet to find a good one.

Overall, great job and I hope to see more from you!

I also took in Yesterday. In reading your post I want to thank you for sharing about the harp playing/learning.

I think I like the harp on this better than your post above. That one seemed to clash a bit to my ears and this one fit right in. Again, nice play on the guitar. Good job on your mics position, recording and mix. It all came together and sounded good.

All the best,

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Wow Tom that was a beautiful piece, guitar and harmonica both! I went and found a guitar tutorial on YouTube (we’ll just the tab actually), so it’s on my To Learn list now :slightly_smiling_face: . I enjoyed Yesterday as well.

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Beautiful playing Tom. Great to hear a ‘moothie’ being played outwith a Blues context.
Well done.

Thank you very very much! I have actually bought a Hohner diatonic set in the past (which I have never used yet!) but did not realise one could have access to those lessons! I will definitely look them up, thank you!

Well I am not sure if they include it with all harps some times I did not have a free coupon

Hey, Good news I have right now one more month of free lesson with my latest harmonica purchase. I will give the number to you so you can use it. I will send the number by message.

A free lesson coupon looks like this

Please wait for my message


OMG I will reply to your DM

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Both songs were very enjoyable Tom. Loved the harmonica as well.

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