Oasis - Columbia

Hi All,

I’ve been playing for about a year now and am diving more into lead playing. For this track I used a machine learning program to strip the original track’s guitars and then record my own rhythm and lead.

Here’s my recording on bandlab. BandLab: Make Music Online

And Here’s what it sounds like without the guitars added in. BandLab: Make Music Online


I enjoyed it! Sounds great!

Well done, MZ, sounding good.

Welcome to the Community. Look forward to more.

Hi Mike, welcome to the community. What a great introduction.

Hello and welcome to the community. Kudos for jumping straight in to AVOYP with a double guitar part.
Pop over the the Community Hub Community Hub - JustinGuitar Community to introduce yourself etc.

Cool stuff, gonna have to check that out!

Hi and welcome. I can’t get this track to open.

A bleated Welcome. Sounds like you have a good platform to build on with this one. Look forward to how the lead playing develops. :sunglasses: