Oasis Live Forever second progress recording

Hi all, I’m here with my second progress recording, Live Forever by Oasis. I’ve been a huge fan of this song since it was released in 1994 and was happy to see it included in Justin’s beginner songbook. With this one I wanted to include some upstrums while singing along. I have never aspired to be a singer, but it makes learning songs more fun, so I’ll give it a go and hopefully improve with practice.

I still struggle with being nervous once the camera starts recording. I hope this becomes easier with time! Any comments or feedback are much appreciated.

Oasis Live Forever second progress recording


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That was delightful, Sarah. I’m not into Oasis but know the song from the Community and you nailed the vibe of it. I was da da dahing and drumming my desk with you.

As for the singing … I say adopt some 'Janis rock ‘n roll don’t care what anyone thinks’ attitude. From what I can hear in this recording, I think it will be even better if you just let rip and sing this song from the heart, expressing all it means for you. Nobody expects anybody here to sing like , so no judgement on that score.

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Hi Sarah,
That rhythm guitar goes smoothly … and for the rest what David says … be the boss, … but that is of course easier said than done :relaxed:
Greetings ,Rogier

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Well done, Sarah. You’re coming along leaps and bounds. It’s like everything in life; your confidence in doing something grows the more times you do it. You are making awesome progress. Your chord changes were good; your fingers knew exactly where to be and when. Your rhythm was good and smooth. Keep up the good work. As for the singing, like @DavidP and @roger_holland suggest just be the boss and belt it out with a don’t care attitude. It might be worth checking out the Chris Liepe three free lessons.

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Hey there Sarah, I’m a big Oasis fan myself and this was one of the first song u tried to play with the guitar.
And you nailed it! Great vibes from the guitar.

As for the singing, a tip I try to practice is really full myself with air just before start singing, it really gives you more power and more control over your voice.


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That was great Sarah, steady throughout. And to be honest just singing this while playing is a great achievement, so I will offer no additional singing advice, just go for it how ever you want for now. Rock n roll Mancunian hollering can come later, focus on the playing for now.

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Awesome Sarah! So I’m a big time beginner and I’m just getting to the point where I can play some songs on my own without the app - but I never have had an interest to sing but am also now starting to understand that it’s WAY more fun to do it! You’re also playing my favorite all time song there, Oasis is my number 1 and I’ve been playing Live Forever and have been hesitant to sing. Anyway, way to go, you sound really good and your video along with the good comments from everyone has me ready to just go let it fly during my practice sesh tonight.

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Awesome Sarah, this a good track to take along your guitar journey. Justin has some lessons on exploring the chords (lift offs, sus chords etc) along the way which you can apply to this tune.

I think it’s a difficult one to sing, especially when you get to the ‘ ……live forever’, so well done.

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@DavidP thank you for listening and your feedback David. I will have to try the ‘just let it rip’ with the singing. I live in an apartment building so it will be interesting with the neighbors.

@roger_holland hi Rogier and thank you. It is proving to easier said than done so far but I will keep at it.

@Socio thank you, James. Thanks for the suggestion of Chris Liepe, I will definitely check that out!

@KevinKevan hey Kevin, thanks so much!

@TheMadman_tobyjenner thank you Toby. You may be right about focusing more on the playing for now. I wan to spend more time practicing power chords and fingerstyle. It is good to have a few songs that I can play and sing now though!

@CHill09 Hi Chad, thank you and welcome to the community. It’s nice to meet another Oasis fan! Singing really does make learning songs more fun after you’ve got the chord changes down. I say go for it. It would be great to hear a recording from you when you’re ready.

@liaty thank you, Dave. I need to go back and check out the lesson again for this song as it’s been a while since I watched it. Definitely a song I can come back to and add to.

Welcome to the Community, Chad.

I suggest as a next action you introduce yourself over in #community-hub:introduce-yourself, sharing a little personal and guitar background, your aspirations, and where you’re at with JustinGuitar.

Given your playing and singing, Sarah, you can convert neighbours into an audience and fans :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Great played Sarah!!
Was a pleassure to listen too

Keep em comin and keep on rockin :metal:

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Nothing wrong with the way it’s sounding now Sarah, these lessons are grade 3 and Live Forever is a great practice piece to add the ‘embellishments’ to ……

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Hi Sarah,

Red light nerves - for me they’ve never left, but they do ease.
I guess it’s more a desire to not make a mistake, but if you can get that at the back of your mind you just relax more, and the playing gets that natural energy/rhythm.
Get in your comfort zone and just go for it.

This sounded good. The vocal and guitar rhythm synced nicely.
Perhaps needs some Liam swagger. :slight_smile:


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Thanks David, I sure hope so!

Thank you, Trond!

Thanks for the link, I look forward to that when I get to that point in the lessons.

Thanks Stephen. I think I may start recording myself even if I’m not going to share the recording here just to get a bit more used to the camera being on.

Excellent stuff Sarah and what a great song to cover. You did a cracking job.

Yes, it get’s easier with the recording. As humans we over think everything but I think a few more recordings and those nerves will go.

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Missed this one Sarah, terrific job and a nice strumming pattern to carry the song. With the relatively little experience I’ve had I’m finding the singing while the camera’s rolling thing does get better / easier, but it can still do weird things with your head! I think your idea of recording yourself regularly with no intention of sharing is a good one. Looking forward to more from you!

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