OBS Audio to Zoom - Pulling my hair out (if I had any!)

After last night’s Open Mic event, I’ve spent a long time today trying to get my setup working in time for the next one.

I’ve had a lot of failures along the way, but some success. I’m just struggling with the last bit.

I have my guitar connected to my PC with an iRig HD 2. Tone effects are added in Amplitube 5, a DAW I got for free with the iRig. I’ve connected it via the VST plug in to OBS.

In OBS, I’ve setup three source inputs…

  1. The ASIO input for the guitar (with tone effects via the plug in)

  2. The PC output audio, so that I can play a backing track at the same time.

  3. A virtual cam so that I can send this to Zoom.

In OBS, I can:

  • Play a backing track and hear it from my pc speakers or headphones.
  • Play the guitar, with tones and hear it from my external amp
  • See my webcam

…and all of that gets recorded nicely if I record in OBS and play it back to check. :sunglasses:

Now we get to the Zoom part…

I can send my webcam using the virtual cam I set up in OBS. No issue there.

BUT, I can’t send the output audio from OBS to Zoom. I want to send the overall sound from OBS (guitar and backing track sources) to the Zoom input.

I think I need to employ the use of virtual cables but I’m a little lost on this part, despite reading the helpful guidelines and watching umpteen videos on YouTube.

It’s so frustrating as I feel so close to having it working but I’ve had to call it a day on this for now. Any help gratefully received :smiley:


Yes you will need the virtual cable but you only need one to send the OBS sound to Zoom.
So down load and install the free one from the link in either mine or @Majik guide. You may need to reboot.

The in OBS Settings, select Audio and go to the Advanced section just below the mid page.
click on the Monitoring Device drop down and you should see the virtual cable, so select that. Once done in Zoom, go to settings Audio and declare the same virtual cable as the microphone. That will allow Zoom to pick up the OBS output audio. Then declare the speakers you wish to use. My preference is to declare the Audio Interface ie iRig as the system speakers on both the system and in Zoom and connect headphones or IEMs to the AI, iRig in your case, I assume that is something you can do?

Hopefully that should work. But just a thought did you set up an Audio Input Capture device in OBS to pick up the backing track ?

Let me know how you get on.

@DavidP @rich as Zed is taking the ASIO approach, I would suggest this is merged into @Majik 's guide. :sunglasses:



Thanks Toby - I’m going to have a play again with this later.

Re: OBS inputs, I have two input sources that I added to the bottom/middle section of the main window. One is the iRig and the other is essentially the ‘speaker out’ of the PC, basically capturing Windows sounds so if I play a YouTube video, it’s a source ‘in’ to OBS. I’m assuming this is ok or may require extra steps?

That should be ok as far as I know, not something I have done. But if you recorded a good video in OBS and the audio was ok, then as you say the issue is just getting Zoom to pick up the OBS audio. The virtual cable should sort that out.


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Thanks mate - Toby to the rescue!

I followed your steps and only went and got it bloomin’ working!

I noticed on the Zoom recording that the backing track had a slight delay which I thought was weird. I assumed the iRig, if anything, might introduce a delay, not the desktop audio.

In the audio advanced property settings (in OBS), I found that I could set a -250ms sync offset on the iRig audio and now it all syncs up wonderfully!

Minor tweaks aside such as camera position, tone changes, filters, etc, I’ve got it all working with plenty of time to tweak further before the next open mic night. Very happy boy :sunglasses:

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This is something @adi_mrok may be interested in.




Great news Zed. I gave up pumping audio through OBS into Zoom because of that latency and planned to look at the Sync setting. Your -250ms might give me a starting point.
I need to check my Zoom settings again, as I just listened to the OM and compared my tracks against the Dry Runs from Friday and there certainly a disparity in sound. Maybe its something that happens in a real meeting, opposed to a dummy one with yourself.

So the good news is you now have 6-8 weeks to prep for OM IX !!



I tried all sorts of numbers but will give it a go with -250ms, at the moment my yesterday’s setup seemed to work all fine so I might just stick to simplicity :grinning:

It was a bit of trial and error how I found that number, and to be honest, I could probably tweak it further but its getting late and I don’t want to wake the neighbours!

I just played a simple drum beat backing track and plucked on the first beat of each bar while recording it. Then I played it back and estimated what the time gap was. After 3 or 4 attempts, I’ve got it in right ballpark I think.

This is where I changed it…

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Firstly, bravo Zed. Well done on getting a setup that works for you. Next step could be to make a video for AVOYP using this setup :wink:


Toby, I confess I am a little confused, not having looked at the various guides for a while. So not following the question/suggestion.

The use of the sync settings sounds like something to add somewhere in the guides.

I also noticed an @ mention for Rich … was that intentional or were you intending Richard aka Close2u?


Oops it was a nod to you or Mr C to combine, it was getting late (again!). I agree it may need adding to the guides at some point but this was the first other case of some one mentioning delays to audio or video at the Zoom end. I thought this was just an issue my end, which I planned to pursue again this week, having gone into the OM with a stable set up. The perception of my issue is that my audio is in advance and not lagging, the opposite to Zed, which was even more confusing. I do not think many folk are using the DAW-OBS-Zoom approach at the moment. But if after investigation if I find a solid issue that anyone trying that option will encounter and a fix for it, then I think its time to amend the guides. For now a reference to the action in this thread may surffice.


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Thanks Toby.

Lets see how all this shakes out. And at the appropriate time amend the relevant ‘how to’ Topics.

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