Ocho Kandelikas (first AVOYP)

…in which I play Ocho Kandelikas. I started studying guitar with JustinGuitar two months ago (I played just a little in the very distant past), and this was my first time being recorded. I knew I could only do one take and I was very nervous. I can point out tons of faults in the performance, but it nevertheless fills me with joy that I can now make music for myself and others with the guitar. I was frustrated that I had so much difficulty with this “simple” song, but I have to acknowledge several hurdles it presented.

First, I only very recently first tried singing while playing guitar (and the song is not in my native language). While practicing previously, I kept forgetting the words, so that’s one more thing I needed to think about while playing.

Second, I took the simple 2-chord sequence and made it more complicated by switching to fingerstyle for the refrain. When I had started to practice fingerstyle before, I found it surprisingly difficult. Switching in and out of it proved to be even more difficult since I needed to repeatedly establish my anchor position and find the strings on the fly. I also couldn’t find a bass note pattern that sounded good and tried to do a partial strum with the thumb instead–something I had never tried before learning this song.

And third, I have been doing my lessons and practice on an electric guitar with a drastically different shape, size, and feel. I only very recently started trying to transfer skills to the acoustic guitar and it still feels awkward. Time for more practice!


Hey! Welcome to the community and that was awesome! You played well and have me beat by a mile with the singing. Great effort!

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Nice Geoffrey :+1:

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Good start with AVOYP Geoffrey!

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Hi and welcome,
It is up to you what you want to do. But nothing says you “have” to do a one off recording in 1 take.

What you did was good for the time you have in. I would work on timing. I also wonder at your level if you might be better off playing something less complicated where you can better build your timing skills?

Keep it up in 23’ and grow,

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Hello Geoffrey, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:.
That was very impressive considered the short time your on this journey. Wow :+1::clap::star_struck:.
Playing isn’t easy. Playing and singing simultaniously is even more difficult. But playing and singing in a foreign language is an absolut challenge. Great job.
But I agree with @LBro to primarily concentrate on less complicated songs. As a beginner (I’m a beginner myself :hugs:), everything is difficult. Nothing is automated yet. We have to concentrate on every single movement. Playing complicated songs might sometimes lead to (unnecessary) frustration. That’s at least my experience :face_with_peeking_eye:.
Keep on rockin’ :smiley:.

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Thanks. Yes, nobody forced me to do anything, I just thought it would be neat to record next to the candles and that’s how long we could keep the kids’ attention.

I actually didn’t even know about the AVOYP thing here at the time, but it seemed realistically representative of where I am right now.

Hi Geoffrey,
Welcome here and a good start of your renewed attempt at guitar :sunglasses: :clap: ,…I wish you a lot of fun and perseverance,…good luck :sunglasses:

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