October 2023 - Peaceful Easy Feeling

This is the song we practiced for Justin Guitar Open Mic 19. Unfortunately, do to legal issues, we had to change our song near show time. We couldn’t let all of that practice go to waste, so we recorded a version shortly before the show for the AVOYP group. Peaceful Easy Feeling Cover


Can I ask did you get a copyright claim?
PS by the way did enjoy it

Why yes, yes we did! :sunglasses: Thanks!

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OMG! I loveee it! :heart_eyes:

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That was great guys! Really enjoyed it. Your chilled vibe and voices worked so well for it.

Hopefully the great eagles blockers leave your video online!

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Thanks Tabitha!

Thanks JK, it will be interesting to see if it survives. :wink:

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Very nice, thanks for sharing! Well done!

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Hi Mark,

I always love what you guys do​:joy: it’s always fun, sounds great and there’s always something going on either constumes of background. Lovely playing and vocals :+1::+1: thanks.

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@edwardc Thanks Edward!

@CD02 Thanks Craig! In case we can’t always be good, we can at least make sure that we are entertaining. :wink:

That was great! I need to get a T shirt like that for my wife. :grin:

Thanks Scott! We ordered both of our shirts from a company named Just Customized through Amazon if you are really interested. They seem to be really high quality.

Great job guys. Really nicely played and lovely vocals. I hope Don Henley leaves you both alone!

Beautiful as ever Mark & Jen, shame you didn’t get to do it live for us but pleased you’ve still shared it.
So easy going and one to close the eyes and just get washed along with the music :+1:

@Eddie_09 Thanks Eddie, we are going to start going around incognito with dark sunglasses just in case. :sunglasses:

@Notter Thanks Mark, we really do love playing this song. It is going into the regular practice, ready for parties pile.


What a pleasant and lovely performance, Mark and Jen! :clap: :smiley:

I enjoyed your OM and now was pleased with this one. :slight_smile: You have great harmonies, laid back vibes and feeling in this one. Glad you keep it in your repertoire and keep my fingers crossed this one will be allowed to stay up! :slight_smile:

Thanks Lisa, we do love the Eagles (aka Turkeys :wink:) music, especially the older tunes. Most of their songs have too great a vocal range for us. This is an exception.

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I enjoyed that Mark & Jen. The two of you produce great harmonies and there is always a fun factor in your duet chemistry. Nicely played and sung and definitely one for the party set list.

ps. you need to get that keyboard player a hot meal and a t-shirt. I can see his ribs. :smile:

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Thanks Gordon! Slim has taken dieting a bit too far. :thinking:

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Thanks for sharing very nice

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