October New Songs Released

Hi Everyone,

We thought we’d post the full new songs list that were added on 01/10/2022 so you are aware of the full list and a few highlights from the release! :slight_smile:

Full list :arrow_down:

|Brothers Osborne|Stay a Little Longer|
|Miley Cyrus|Slide Away|
|Meredith Brooks|Bitch|
|Tones and I|Never Seen the Rain|
|Ashe|Moral of the Story|
|Brooks & Dunn|Boot Scootin’ Boogie|
|Dustin Lynch|Good Girl|
|Florida Georgia Line|May We All|
|Jason Aldean|Got What I Got|
|Johnny Otis|Willie and the Hand Jive|
|Kim Carnes|Bette Davis Eyes|
|Lauren Alaina|Getting Good|
|Melissa Etheridge|Come to My Window|
|New Found Glory|All Downhill From Here|
|OneRepublic|Didn’t I|
|RaeLynn|Keep Up|
|Sam Fender|Hypersonic Missiles|
|Simple Plan|Perfect|
|Talking Heads|Burning Down The House|
|The Cascades|Rhythm of the Rain|
|The Rascals|Good Lovin’|
|The Tragically Hip|Blow at High Dough|
|Thomas Rhett|Remember You Young|
|Yeah Yeah Yeahs|Maps|

Highlights :arrow_down:


@MusopiaApps thanks for the update. I am sure the App users will appreciate it.

Although not an App User, as a Community Moderator, I appreciate your feedback and interaction with the Community.

Thank you


Thanks @MusopiaApps
100% of what David says.
This is a great update and I’m sure all app users will appreciate being kept up to date.
Thank you.

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@MusopiaApps Thanks for the update! These are greatly appreciated.

One question though. Over on upvoty Eagles: Take It Easy has been marked as Live a few weeks ago, but the song hasn’t been added to the app as far as I can tell. Am I missing something? Need more Eagles :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff it’s definitely there?

Probably a regional licensing issue; I don’t see it on my app either (US), but @Billca does. :man_shrugging:

It’d be lovely if some of these new songs had a “practice” version.

It is on my version of the app, I am in the UK.

Just to confirm I’m in the UK and using an IOS device

I’m in the US on Android. Is it supposed to be available here?

It is great that new songs are being added but I am still missing the songs that have been removed. I had been working on songs like Brown Eyed Girl and Three little Birds and Feeling Alright. Those were the songs that I had worked on the most and they have all been removed. There are clearly other songs to practice on but I wish those would be returned.

As @Burnspot says it probably a regional licensing issue. Hopefully Musopia will clarify when they read the thread. It may be helpful if when posting the new song release lists on the forum that they state any regional differences.

Nancy @Billca
What version of iOS, I am on 15.7 on my iPad

@MAT1953 I’m also on 15.7 on iPhone Michael and the app version is 3.2.6

@MAT1953 @Socio @pereiramj @TFWPrimus @Billca @Burnspot

Hey all, @Burnspot is correct with this Eagles tune it is down to regional licensing and we can’t show this song in the app in the U.S, Puerto Rico and Israel. We apologise for this but unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do to get it to every region.

The Eagles track is a very specific case due to the band’s strict ownership of their material and the majority of the songs available on the app are available in every region the app is :slight_smile:

Nancy @Billca
You are on the same version of the app as me.

Appreciate the response, but that’s very frustrating :frowning: