Offer to host videos on YouTube

Hi-My name is Mike and i’m from North Carolina,USA—I’ve learned most of guitar from justin’s courses and have written some songs-So-I started my own you tube channel to put the songs and some covers up as well as some other amateur videos-so if you have a music video you would like me to publish then e-mail me at [ mod edit … email address removed from public forum ]
no cost involved-just fun thanks

Mike, I’m sure you are guided by good intent.
People have, for years, been uploading their videos to their own youtube channels and sharing with the JustinGuitar Community in the Audio-Video of You Playing area.
It works and it works brilliantly.
I am struggling to understand why anyone would move away from hosting their own videos and posting their own topics giving the back story etc and instead choosing to send them to you to host on your channel.
I just don’t see it.


I agree entirely with @Richard_close2u , why would I make a video for you to host and get all the views, why would I not just keep that. Also I would have no controll of what you want to delete when part of my recording is for selfish reasons too, in that I want them to be around after I can no longer play.

I made that mistake once before with my Piano playing, After years of playing I have no recored of ever having played. !

Sorry , but I just wouldn’t use someones elses channel.



Have to agree with you Richard, I created my own YT channel back in 2015, when Soundcloud started to get very picky about copyrights. Madman Music Studios and it solely hosts my recordings. I am sure there are some good intentions behind making this offer but I am not sure what the benefit would be, given it only takes a few minutes to create your own channel. Interesting :thinking:



Sorry everyone-I just made the offer cause I thought it would be good to have others music videos than mine-I don’t receive anything from you tube cause you have to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing which i would never reach in my lifetime-thanks anyway-Also-i wanted to post one of my videos on justins site cause without him i would never have got to the point of even writing a song-but i never could figure how to do it-so if anyone could help me that would be great-Mike


You can easily post one of your videos here

As you can see there a number of sub categories. So if you wanted to post an original, just create a topic in the Originals (Not Covers) section. All that you need would be an appropriate title and few lines of text about the song and then just copy and paste the YouTube link address into the text box and the video will be automatically embedded. Once the topic has been created/posted it will be visible for all here to see. And for the rest of the Universe via YouTube assuming you make it fully Public.

Hope that helps.



I should add the video would need to be Unlisted or Public for the Community to see it. Just make sure anything to post is not Private. :sunglasses:


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wow-thanks a lot -that was easy–Mike


Thanks for the offer Mike.

A number of folk have indicated why you may not receive many videos.

On the flipside, there may be people who’d like the possible exposure and convenience of YouTube but have concerns about having their own channel. Without getting into comprehensive assessment of associated risks to identity etc, some may not like it and then your offer may be an appealing option.


David-Thanks-so offer still open but i’m just glad to part of the the justin community!!!

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I checked Mike’s video,

It is no OR, it’s an AND story

Besides your own channel, Mike offers to be part of his channel as well, a place where amateurs share their video’s and check each others video’s.

It’s some for of community but I think Mike failed to express it clearly and mismanaged the expectations a bit. If you check his pinned video on his channel, it becomes clear right away.

Hi Lieven–so I’m completely new to the community and have no idea what An OR and a AND story is and I’m sorry if anyone thinks I’m trying to do something underhanded-I just thought people might like to see there videos posted on you tube-So I just withdraw the whole thing—Mike

by that I mean:
It’s not that people have to choose where to post; their own channel OR your channel.
It’s and AND story: the clips appear on both channels.

The thread got off on the wrong foot;
You failed to epxlain it clearly and the Community failed to dig a little deeper

(making myself really popular here, blaming everybody :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: )

I thought it was a sympathetic story, giving a stage to us amateurs to have an interested audience that way.

ok-thanks-I feel better-Mike

My 2 cents:

I’m not against the idea, but it seems to make more sense to me to have a community channel that people can be invited to have their videos shared on, than on some random other person’s channel.




Majik-I think that would be great-I would love to share my videos on a justin community you tube channel-mMike

It’s called AVOYP :laughing:
A Justin-sponsored ‘showcase’ selection of invited videos would go against the inclusivity that makes this place unique. It caters for the good, the bad, and (yes, @DavidP :rofl:) the ugly
If I wasn’t featured, I’d feel excluded. If others weren’t featured and I was, I’d be embarrassed.
Always good to throw up new suggestions though :wink:

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That’s a fair comment.



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Pity I wasn’t around for the Eurovision week, Keith. Would have been nice to hook up for a coffee/drink. Next time :smiley:

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