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hi there do you have fingering for the barre chords used in this song?
I am trying to use open chords but going from the F#m to the Dm in open , is quite hard and i thought that it might be easier to learn the barre chords

@torgan50 So first I think it’s a good idea to practice moving from F#m to Dm. I’d do it as part of your chord practice and get that working. There are plenty of songs where you’ll need to move from barre chords to open chord.

In terms of what fingering you’d use for Dm barre chord then it’s the same as you’d use for any barre chord. I’d guess you’ve not yet covered lessons on E shaped or A shaped barre chords on 6th and 5th string. If you had then you’d know that the chord you play for a barre chord (whether it’s E shaped or A shaped) just depends on where you put your barre. Take a look at the lessons below…they should help.

Some lessons here >> https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/easy-barre-chords-for-beginners-bg-2303

thanks… no i have not learned the barre chords yet… but i am glad that they are coming up … i am in grade 3 module 20 …
but thank you for the info. i will keep practicing from F#m to Dm… as i love this song…

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