Ok. The song app really does work for me. Thanks justin

I bizzle nitch slapped myself back down to grade 1, by my own choice, because i thought i could time wonderwall when i could not. Ive got the rhythm down but the timing is eluding me. So i deleted all routines and started over from scratch at the bottom again. Only this time around i am able to start over with the newly bought song app.

Now, i am not a singer. Not been one since my late teens and early twenties, so singing along with anything is not an option to me. I am far too self conscious and these walls are far too thin. I may change, i am pretty sure i will, in the future and sing, when i am not such a basketcase. But for now, no way.

So this left me with strumming only. I am ok with this as i want to play guitar and not necessarily sing at the moment. Before i got the app, strumming was a boring exercise doing the same 2, 3 or even 4 chords over and over again without anything backing me up. I had a fleeting glimpse of what playing music was like when i tried to play dreams. Simple enough. Two chords f and g.

So i slapped on dance the night away for module 1. Cool. At first a bit too fast. Slowed it down a bit and it worked. I was able to stay with the music and found myself halfway through getting bored with the same two changes, so started with the dsus4 and a7 or Am to change things up a bit. It felt like i was playing music for once.

The last time i fely like this was when i 19 and stepped in to play bass for one tune in my co workers’ band. I knew the base line for the song as it was simple enough and just repeated over and over. But i remember the feeling of being together with the others in time and playing music.

Wow is all i can say. Music is really magical even though it was only two chords lmao.

Turns out my chord changes are ok but i do need some work since i was doing 8 beats per bar in strumming. Nothing that a little more practice wont solve.

The app alone changed the strumming from an exercise to something fun.

One issue i identified during the 3 min song is that i am pressing way too hard on the strings so need to ease up a bit.

Thank you justin. Seriously. That was cool.

Actually it is not just justin that i have to thank. I thank everybody that is involved in this affair.


Well said! I totally agree about the song app, in that it really makes a difference playing along with a song that you really like rather than just methodically practicing chords over and over all the time. And the ability to slow the tempo is a game changer! Plus, most of the songs sound really good!

I can relate to what you said about pushing on the strings too hard while playing along with a 3 minute song. I do that too. I’m nice and relaxed in the beginning, but after about a minute, if I pay attention, I notice I’m kind of squeezing harder and harder :joy: glad I’m not alone there!

That is awesome. :slight_smile: Making music can be a joyful thing, and it’s very cool to have that “magical” feeling. I know exactly what you mean, and reading your post gave me a vicarious sense of it.

I’m pleased to hear that you’re keeping the option open. Pretty much everyone hates their singing voice, especially at first. But you can practice and get better at singing just like anything else. You don’t need a “classically beautiful” voice to be an effective singer (just ask Dylan, Hendrix, etc). And this is a great community for getting constructive feedback and support (not necessarily limited to guitar). When you’re ready, we’d love to hear you sing, too.

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David, just like you can learn to play guitar, you can learn to sing - check out Chris Liepe initial free courses. Just over a year ago I was still thinking like you. But as a new guitar player don’t expect to crack that nut straight away, even if you dislike your voice (we all do, not yours of course, our own) check out what Justin says on the subject :sunglasses: