Old Dog Dyslexic here - Hi, I'm Helen from London

Hello ya all, I’m Helen from London. At school I really struggled to learn some new things and gave these up quickly, music was one of these things. I was sent to piano lessons with music I hated- that didn’t help either. Age 52, I am on grade 2 on Justin Guitar. I love that I can go at my pace- stop the recording -go over the recording. I had a couple of group and private lessons - as someone told me you couldn’t learn off the internet, but went back to Justin’s lessons. I am still struggling with sounding great and strumming alongside cord changes, but I am trusting if I keep showing up and practicing I will get there, and I’m enjoying the process. Thanks Justin! NIce to meet you all.


Welcome to the forum Helen. I’m 66 and have been a Justin Guitar student for 18 months now. I think your words speak for me and many others here! Keep up the struggle and sound better every day.


welcome in the community :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum Helen

Welcome to the forum Helen, I’m assuming you mean England, as opposed to Kentucky or perhaps Ontario … :wink:

I have been playing 4yrs and the Internet was the “only show in town” for a good chunk of 2020/21. I have since attended a couple of group classes and would say the group dynamic is key, and can add to the learning experience. Never having had a 1-2-1, I cannot comment, aside I have never really sought after one.

I too struggle with a “sounding great” while strumming . Perhaps try to record yourself on your “smart phone” as the sound you hear on playback might just be a pleasant surprise for you; and give some good feedback on how you might improve. Listening to our guitar while playing can sound quite different than listening to it being played: all those playing mistakes are amplified in our own ears while we play.

Anyway, there’s plenty fingerpicking and flatpicking to keep us motivated and have fun while making progress.

Enjoy Grade 2 … and Grade 3 next ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Helen, welcome to the community forum. Keep coming back to Justin’s lessons and you will get better. After finishing grade 2, I found it useful to go back and review all the strumming lessons in Grade 1 and also use the SOS strumming course. If you keep at it your strumming will eventually be great.

Welcome to the community Helen, keep going it will get better.

Welcome Helen. I am in my early 50s as well and I am in the 3rd grade. Learning on line is totally doable. I learned and didnt even use my laptop, I use my samsung S23 way easier for me. Keep working at it, If you can get through the 80s and 90s you can get through this.

Good luck


Hey Helen, I’m 66 as well and started with Justin Guitar back when I was 53. The great thing is the reward of learning is just wonderful. I never dreamed I could do what I’m doing now when I first started and am so glad I stuck with it. Hang in there and you’ll be thrilled with the result.

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Welcome Helen!

Hi Helen,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

You are still a young one compared to many here … of course not with me, but I am still a puppy … cough :innocent: :grin:


Thanks- yes keep it up and we’ll get there!



Yes just plain ol’ England. Yes I like the group lessons and will go back- for the group experience- but I find it must easier to learn from Justin’s lessons. Thanks for the tips. Grade 3… gulp hehe

Thanks- I started the SOS strumming course yesterday- thought i’d weave into my grade 2. Just as I felt I was getting strumming - it got a heap more complicated in grade 2!

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Many thanks!

haha 80s and 90s funny! Yes the 2 people who told me I couldn’t learn online were guitar teachers. I think Justin’s lessons are exceptional!

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That’s amazing - well done- and inspiring!

haha - of course you are young. It’s all relative- I have thought I was old since I was 27… sad!!

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