Old Dog from Central Oregon

Hi, I’m Maidie from Central Oregon. I started playing in about 5th grade, but I only picked up the guitar a few times over the years. Now, at 71, I’ve decided to take it up again. In high school I played for some neighbors, and they laughed at me. So, that put a damper on my playing. I can’t really sing, but still love to. So, at my age, I’m doing it. I have just recorded my first songs to (graduate?) to Course 2. Not sure if I’m ready. I’d really like to learn more RIFFS, where you play the finger board more and make the melody. Blackbird is my aim. I’m ready to post my videos, but now sure how. The site would not take my iPhone video. However, I am really enjoying Justins course, and it has helped me to just play every day!


Hi maidie and welcome :grin:
Sorry to hear your story about your neighbours, that was really heartbreaking.

Im really looking forward to see you play Blackbird. Your voice is probably a lot better than you give yourself credit for, so dont think about it!!

Easiest way to post videos is to upload them to youtube, and just paste your link into the post.



thanks for the encouragement Trond, but really, just wait! I just uploaded my two videos. It took 1.5 hours, and I have found them, and think, figured out the link. So, I’ll give it a try!

Great to meet you Maidie. Glad to hear you are enjoying the progress you are making on your guitar journey. Your Sweet Caroline tune sounded very nice.

Welcome to the Community, Maidie.

People like those neighbours really really aggravate me. So unnecessary and can leave people affected for years and years.

I see my encouragement in another post was unnecessary, look forward to enjoying your recording soon.

Hello and welcome to the community Maidie. :slight_smile:

People can be so hurtful and it’s amazing how that affects people for years to come. I’m happy to hear you’ve got back in to it though.