Old dog, new guitar - hello from Andy

So after a couple of months of watching Justin’s channel and convincing myself that this time round I will learn to play- New Guitar Day finally arrived.

I’ve just about played it until my fingers bled and me and some guys have a band. My wife says we really are quite trying.


Seriously envious of your band I have a 5 piece with 18 legs guess we all do what we can



Welcome Andy! And congrats on the new guitar. It’s advised to stop playing before the red lubrication is applied…

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You may be the guitarist but I think the girls will be fawning over your band mates.



Welcome and don’t stain your brand new toy too much! Enjoy the guitar-trip!

@Montyster that’s some serious 70s metal vibes your band mates have going on, with those manes!

Enjoy the new guitar, Andy, gorgeous colour.

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Love the ol’dogs Andy…the band looks quite promising…have fun and enjoy the moments.

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Hello Andy and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Happy NGD, that is a nice looking instrument. Loving the band as well. :smiley:

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Hi Andy,
Welcome and another belated happy NGD…nice colour :sunglasses:

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Hello and welcome Andy, nice guitar, cool music room, great family photo! :slight_smile: