Old Fleetwood Mac song

This is a song, written by Danny Kirwan, called “Sunny Side of Heaven”. Recorded in GarageBand, all instruments played by me.


Very nice! I think I remember this song of theirs. What a cool melody. I love the tone you have on the organ and how it rings at the end.

Also… welcome! I hope to hear more from you.

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No kidding, if I’d be making a list of songs to listen to, yours would also be in it. I very much liked it. Can’t imagine how much time you spend in editing.

Great stuff Sean :+1:

Very nice, some good tones going on!
Well done, oh and welcome to the JG community - great place to be!

Hi Sean, welcome to the community, I really enjoyed your premiere!
Thanks for sharing


Pleasant guitar part.

Welcome to the Community, Sean, and what a wonderful way to announce yourself.

I am a big fan of early Fleetwood Mac, loved the vibe and sound of this. Some might fine playing and mixing to produce this.

You are obviously not a beginner, would love to know a little more of your background, personal and guitar/musical and your focus and aspirations here in JustinGuitar land. You can post that #community-hub:introduce-yourself if inclined.

Look forward to more from you.

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Welcome Sean and what a away to introduce yourself, really enjoyed it

Welcome to the community Sean and way a great way to come in. Excellent playing.